Heroes Of 2016


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Jonty O’Neill is a graphic designer from Cavan but based in Dublin.

Further to the announcement of the Republic of Ireland’s squad for the Euro 2016…

He writes:

“100 years after our great leaders of 1916 we have our heroes of today. I wanted to give that iconic image of the seven signatories a facelift (literally). It was tough picking those seven people. Some really good footballers had to be left out but these are the seven I went with in the end…”


More of Jonty’s work can be seen here

Earlier: 1988 State

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22 thoughts on “Heroes Of 2016

  1. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Nobody wants to see speculative work from a professional.

    Only show real work, responding to real briefs.

    1. ForFecksSake

      Not true, and you don’t understand the meaning of “speculative work”. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you clearly have very little knowledge.

  2. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Oh and use of the Proclamation like this only annoys people. Bit amatuerish.

  3. rotide

    Are you 21 or something?

    Where’s Liam Brady? or Don Givens?

    This is basically ‘d’lads i think dat ar grate’

  4. Ballyogan bag boyz

    Hero’s? Totally disrespectful!

    Are you doing to make this into a deadly flag ‘fir d Boyz.. hup hup’

  5. Scooperman

    Was going to pick up for you there Jonty given the predominently negative comments you’re getting, but then I realised you were repsonsible for that sneery Luas Strike campaign. So I’ve changed my mind. And you’ve the cheek to use the constitution!

  6. The Key of G

    I like it Jonty
    I suspect there are more than a few GAA and rugby bottomholes commenting here

  7. Ned

    Very creative; and causing a bit of a stir……we need the country stirring in support of the boys, good work Jonty.

  8. Tish Mahorey

    It’s amateur and badly executed. I’ll-conceived and naive.

    You are pure print-house ‘designer’. No good ideas, just good at production and moving logos around and finishing other people’s work. There is a suspicious inconsistency of finish quality in the samples of work on your website.

    And you did that Luas piece of crap which was crass and disrespectful.

    My advice? Learn After Effects and get good at it so you can produce other people’s creative storyboards.

    You’re not a creative.

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