“I’m Saying That RTÉ’s Report Is Not Balanced”



From top: Lynn Boylan MEP; Mary Wilson

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan went on RTÉ Radio One’s Drivetime with Mary Wilson yesterday evening to discuss water charges and the European Commission.

Ms Boylan had asked the Commission if flexibility previously afforded to Ireland on water charges still applies.

The Commission replied: “If the established practice is to have a system in place implementing the recovery of the costs of water services, in accordance with the polluter pays principle, the Commission considers that the flexibility afforded to Member States […] would not apply“.

RTÉ reported yesterday that that this meant Ireland could not be exempt from water charges.

Grab a tay.

Mary Wilson: “Now turning to the European Commission, it’s declared that Ireland does not enjoy an exemption from the obligation under European law for a system of water charges. Now this confirmation is highly likely to severely limit the new minority government’s discretion to scrap water charges if in fact that is the road that they finally go down. The confirmation comes in the form of a written response to the Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan, following a parliamentary question and Lynn Boylan joins us now, good evening.”

Lynn Boylan: “Good evening. Can I just say that that’s not what the response says at all.”

Wilson: “Does it not? Well…”

Boylan: “That’s a very, that’s a very…”

Wilson: “The commission’s written response makes it clear that Ireland’s de facto exemption from water charges no longer applies because the Government…”

Boylan:That’s not what it says…”

Wilson: “…introduced water charges and metering…”

Boylan: “That’s absolutely not what it says…”

Wilson: “So what do you say it says, Lynn Boylan?”

Boylan: “It says it provides that members states shall not be in breach to the directive if they decide in accordance with established practices not to apply the provisions of cost recovery. Now, that’s the derogation, that’s what the response says. It says, If the established practice is to have a system in place implementing the recovery of the costs of water services, the Commission then considers that the flexibility would not apply. Now nobody in their right mind is going to say that the established practice in Ireland is Irish Water which itself is not even in compliance with the water framework directive because it’s not even having full cost recovery – it’s literally just covering the costs of its bills, of issuing bills. So it’s absolutely nonsensical to interpret that from the response that the Commission gave out this morning.

Wilson: “I’m just, I’m just reading the written response. Brussels regards the introduction of water charges as Ireland’s established practice in ensuring that the principles of polluter pays and cost recovery are adhered to.”

Boylan: “It says, if the established practice, if the established practice, Irish Water is not…”

Wilson: “Is to have a system in place..”

Boylan: “Yes, is not the established practice. Irish Water is not the established practice. The established practice in Ireland is to pay for water through general taxation, based on the ability to pay. Now it’s also interesting that if Ireland wants to use the derogation 9.4, based on the standard practice, which is general taxation, it can do that in its river basin management plan which was due to be submitted on December 2015, which they missed that deadline and they have confirmed to Deputy O’Broin that they won’t be in a position to submit it until December 2017.”

Wilson: “Were you a bit taken aback by this response?”

Boylan: “No I wasn’t taken back at all and, in fact, this was exactly what we expected. This was a priority question, a very simple, black and white answer and the commission delayed and delayed for seven weeks. We got confirmation, off the record, that this was being blocked at the cabinet, the commission cabinet, and what we did then yesterday was put out a press statement, to put pressure on the commission and they came out with a vague..”

Wilson: “And you got the response..”

Boylan: “A vague response which is all based on established practices and established practices is not Irish Water.”

Wilson: “Did we introduce the concept of water charges and metering back in 2010?”

Boylan: “In 2010, Irish Water was not set up until 2014.”

Wilson: “I know that but yes, what I said was the concept of water charges?”

Boylan: “No the issue is…”

Wilson: “And metering and the European Commission, it is believed that they believe that the introduction by the former coalition of water charges or the concept of water charges meant that Ireland’s established practice had changed and it’s all about that established practice.”

Boylan: “But the established practice. How is the practice established between 2010 and 2014?”

Wilson: “Well I got water bills.”

Boylan: “It wasn’t even in existence.”

Wilson: “I got water bills…”

Boylan: “Not in 2010 you didn’t.”

Wilson: “No but in 2015..”

Boylan: “Yes, so that’s not the established practice when you have a compliance rate which you have from Irish Water, you have an election result which was clearly a mandate from the Irish people. You’ve had mobilisations on the street. I think any lawyer would feel very happy going into court to defend that Irish Water is not an established practice and can I also say that there’s a precedent here. In the European Court of Justice found in favour of the member state in applying the derogation, a court ruling in 2014, against the German government. And that was around cost recovery. And they actually found in favour of the Germans over the Commission in that the flexibility is there for member states.”

Wilson: “I read, I read this report today and I took one meaning out of it, you’re taking another meaning out of it. And…”

Boylan:You read a report or you read the response from the Commission because the response is not, the response is not up on the website…”

“No, no, no, I read the reports of what the Commission has said. And I took from it..”

Boylan: “
No, sorry, sorry…”

Wilson: “Yeah.”

“The report, the Commission’s response is not public.”

“No, I’m not talking about the Commission’s response. I said I’ve read the media reports of what has been said and I’ve taken this meaning out of it. I’m not saying I’m right but I’m asking you if it will be open to interpretation?”

“But what I’m saying is this response is not a public, it’s not up on any website. We received it this morning, Tony Connolly, your colleague went direct to the Commission and they’ve given him, and I presume Irish Water wrote his press statement, because the response in the report from RTÉ…I’m sorry, to jump to the conclusion…”

“I doubt very much Irish Water wrote Tony Connolly’s press statement, he is a fine reporter who is well able to write his own press material.”

“To jump to the conclusion that was in the RTÉ report, on the basis of the 100-word vague response that the Commission issued this morning, I find unbelievable…”

Wilson: “I’m not jumping to conclusions, I’m asking is this the position, you’re saying it’s another position and my question to you is, is it now open to interpretation?”

“What I’m saying is that RTÉ’s interpretation of a very vague response today, I find bizarre. It doesn’t take into account, it doesn’t take into account that we haven’t even submitted our plan to evoke the derogation. We haven’t submitted it and won’t be until 2017…”

Wilson: “So you’re taking…”

“It doesn’t…”

Wilson: “No, just a moment Lynn Boylan…”


“You’re taking one interpretation of this and I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, I’ve put forward another interpretation, I’m asking you will it now be for further people within the European Union, the European Commission or elsewhere to decide what is the correct interpretation of this and, ultimately, could Ireland be facing fines?”

“Well what I’m taking is the only precedent that’s set down in law is the court ruling of 2014, against the German state, and in paragraph 57, it says, in that regard Article 9 (4)  provides that the member states may, subject to certain conditions, opt not to proceed with the recovery of costs for a given water use activity where this does not compromise the purposes or the achievements or the objectives of that directive. That gave the flexibility to the member states and that’s a European Court of Justice ruling.

“Can I ask you in simple English: Are you saying, nothing to see here, move on, water charges are all over?”

“I’m saying that it was a wild leap to go from the very vague response we were given by the Commission to the report that came out from RTÊ and to not…”

“Are you…”

“But to not even reference that there’s been a European Court of Justice ruling?”

“Are you…”

Boylan: “To not reference that Scotland have invoked the ability to pay clause and are in complete compliance with the European water framework…”

“Are you saying it’s wrong? Are you saying it’s wrong?”

“I’m saying that it’s not balanced.”

Wilson: “Are you saying it’s wrong. You have one interpretation, I’ve put another interpretation to you, I have said it will be still open for others to decide.”

Boylan: “It will be still open, of course, but the conclusions that this was based on, on something that’s not even in the public domain..”

“And we could be facing fines..”

Boylan: “To jump to that interpretation..”

“I’m not jumping anywhere..”

“Well the RTE report, the RTE report, well, as I said, Scotland uses the concept of the ability to pay and they have submitted two river basin management plans and both of them have been adopted by the European Commission and are not in breach of the Water Framework Directive.”

“Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan. Thank you for joining us.”

Listen back in full here

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99 thoughts on ““I’m Saying That RTÉ’s Report Is Not Balanced”

  1. Jake38

    Water charges, Shinners, RTE, Drivewhine, yawn, yawn, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Yup. If the entire electorate were like you, the whole governing the country with the state broadcaster in your pocket would be sooo easy.

  2. 15 cents

    Mary Wilson is a good loyal servant to her overlords. Sit, Mary .. good girl. Paw? Paw? yes. well done. good girl. Roll over M.. oh you already have.

    1. classter

      Are you seriously suggesting that she should give interviewees an easy time based on your political preferences?

      It is clear that there is some ambiguity in the Commission’s response. It is clearly a bit of a set-back to Boylan’s position though not necessarily a fatal blow. You think that RTE should gloss over that to support your personal preferences?

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        “Are you seriously suggesting that she should give interviewees an easy time based on your political preferences?”

        Clearly not. He’s commenting on her consciously misleading the public in order to help the government message.

        1. Sido

          She’s not clearly misleading the public the European Commission said “If the established practice is to have a system in place implementing the recovery of the costs of water services, in accordance with the polluter pays principle, the Commission considers that the flexibility afforded to Member States […] would not apply“. – just what the **** does that mean?

          Is this an attempt to mislead the public? to obfuscate? to fudge? – who knows?

          What’s wrong with a straightforward Yes or No?

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            She said;
            “the European Commission, it’s *declared* that Ireland does not enjoy an exemption from the obligation under European law for a system of water charges. Now this *confirmation*”

            She later said, after being thoroughly challenged;
            “I’m not saying I’m right.”

            She said the EU “declared” that Ireland lost its exemption and then called it a “confirmation”. She either has a terrible level of reading comprehension, making her an incompetent journalist, or she was consciously misleading listeners, making her an incompetent journalist.

      2. Yellow Cheese Dog

        This interview seems to have been conducted according to [redacted]’s
        political preferences. In other words: it was completely biased towards the Phil Hogan’s spin.

  3. rotide

    She’s arguing semantics.

    The EU requires us to have water charges, thats the bottom line as far as i can see.

    1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

      I only read what I want to read

      My name is Mary Wilson

      Yours, braindead Commentator troll

    2. topsy

      What report did you read, somewhat like Wilson I think. ” Don’t confuse me with the facts I’ve already made up my mind”

    3. Rugbyfan

      don’t MEPs/ TDs have to have a few utterances now and then to remind us they exist and working hard.

    4. Jess

      Semantics are how you interpret laws and judgements.

      Semantics is the study of meaning.

      If you’re not arguing semantics, you are just making your own stuff up

      1. classter

        In popular parlance, semantics refers to concentrating on minor, irrelevant technicalities at the expense of the substance.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          So is it semantics to point out that Wilson spoke of the “confirmation” and “declaration” that Ireland lost its exemption before saying she was divingin with her interpretation based on other media reports?

        2. Andrew

          In popular parlance literally means figuratively. Lets actually use the proper meaning for words or I will literally explode.

        3. Jess

          Technicalities are the substance of judgements. They are the nuts and bolts of laws and judgements. That’s why there is a whole industry around interpreting them called the ‘legal profession’.

          People who ignore semantics and instead declare for the spirit of the law are either willfully ignoring what the laws and judgements actually saw, or are spinning them.

          If we were discussing the naming of American Football then saying we are arguing semantics would be dismissive. If we’re discussing law then semantics is all that matters and never irrelevant.

    5. Darren

      The EU does not require us to have water charges if the status quo has always been that we’ve paid for water through direct taxation. I

    6. 15 cents

      “The EU requires us to have water charges, thats the bottom line as far as i can see.” .. if we all accepted what we were told is the bottom line, we’d all have paid hundreds in water charges by now. for the same thing water we ahve right now, that has been running fine forever. any leaks etc. couldve been fixed with the money used to set up IW and metering. stop accepting everything your fed by the media. stand up for yourself, your people, your family, anyone who will end up paying buckets of cash into the pockets of Euro elites when IW is privatised. Thats the only reason the EU are tryna force us into it. why else would they care if we charge or not? we have a ‘product’ that literally every person in the country needs. and they want to sell it to us even tho we’ve had it forever, and its a human right. if someone cant pay for water should they be cut off? come on, stop with the ‘sure may as well get on with it so’ attitude. we’ve had that attitude all our lives, then found out that for years FF abused our complacency and ended up breaking the entire country over it. and now FG are demanding more complaceny, and now we’ve had enough, theyre takin the pee by this stage. taken us for everything, young people cant carve out a life for themselves, and they want even more off us. enough is enough.

      1. Sido

        Well precisely, the notion that the government has any option in the matter of water charges is just a complete fallacy.
        So suck it down and celebrate 1916.

      2. Andy

        So all the leaks in the water network could’ve been boxed off with the cost of establishing IW? €500mm?

        Happy days, no need to spend the 10 billion or so that all the parties agree needs to be spent on the system.

        I need 15 cent as my accountant.

    7. Tish Mahorey

      “The EU requires us to have water charges”

      No it doesn’t. It requires us to have a water conservation plan.

      The international merchant banks want Ireland to have water changes so they make billions from interest and investment in privatized water supply and their shills are in Irish mainstream media, the Government, the EU institutions and any influential institution.

      The Troika loan had water charges written into it, not because it was seen as an efficient tax base but because it would require private merchant bank investment and guess who advised the Government on that loan? Goldman Sachs and Rothschilds who are heavily invested in water treatment and supply around the world.

      This is about the theft of public resources by international investors. Nothing else.

      1. 15 cents

        im guna copy and paste that comment for when im tryna explain whats goin on to all the “sure it has to be paid for somehow” crowd

    8. ahjayzis

      Cost recovery was abolished in 2014 after barely a year in operation. What we’ve had then is collection recovery, the bills cover the cost of collecting them.

      You cannot argue cost recovery is a principle, as domestic charging in no way recovers cost of provision.

      On the polluter pays thing – give everyone with a septic tank a tax break, job’s oxo.

      1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

        RTDinnytalk: ahjaysiz is giving your boys a hell of a beating

    9. GALAXY

      Idiotic comment.. The people have said no therefore they can say as they please.. Try bringing 60% of a nation to court

    10. Dermot Egan

      Correct However indirect taxation is counted as water charges.It is very simple the issue with irishwater and water charges are number 1 the meters they are a total wast of money ( they find leeks ) a barefaced lie no they do not, we already know where many leaks are So instead of wasting money making Mr o Brian richer would it not be the sensible thing to fix the leeks with the meter money ? Number 2 We already pay for our water that is a fact ! When Jack Lynch removed the water rates he did not say here you go lads free water.All that was done was a different payment method of 2% Vat and 5% motor tax for water. So we Never Stopped paying for our water we always have and will continue to pay but this attempt to conning people into paying twice is absolutely disgraceful and what Rte and FG are doing is taking this country down a very dirty dangerous road a road where democracy is simple ignored.

      1. Andy

        No one disputes the fact that water is “already paid for”.

        The aim is to change the way in which it is paid for.

        i.e. instead of it being paid out of general taxation, it is to be paid directly by the user.

        The only people doing the conning are the morons shouting about paying for water twice, 2% on VAT & 5% on motor tax – which never happened http://economic-incentives.blogspot.com/2015/03/paying-twice-for-water-not-really.html

        The real issue is you and your system draining brethren don’t contribute much to “general taxation”. And you don’t like being asked to pay for it. You want Johnny works & gets a good job to continue to paying for everything.

  4. Vote Rep #1

    That’s a terrible response from the EU. It now means that both sides get to say they are right and we continue ad nauseam

  5. jambon

    This is getting ridiculous. Are RTE seriously trying to say they are an impartial outlet? And WE pay for this propagandist sh%te.

      1. Owen O'F

        Wouldn’t ‘invoke the exception’ be the non-BS version of this intentionally-obscure cant?

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Finding it hilarious, I mean.

        Jaysus, I’m off to get coffee. Not functioning at all today.

  6. MoyestWithExcitement

    Wilson; “the European Commission, it’s declared that Ireland does not enjoy an exemption from the obligation under European law for a system of water charges. Now this confirmation…., I’m not talking about the Commission’s response. I said I’ve read the media reports of what has been said and I’ve taken this meaning out of it. I’m not saying I’m right”

    Starts with definitive statement, gets corrected, then ‘we’ll maybe we’re both right’. What a lying weasel.

    1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

      totally agree

      really base and despicable

      and on the public’s dime

      pure scum

  7. ollie

    I thankfully don’t listen to RTE radio, ,mainly because it’s poo, but when you read a transcript of an interview based on “I’ve read the media reports of what has been said and I’ve taken this meaning out of it.” you have to seriously question the motives of the interviewer and of RTE.

  8. martco

    lets get on with having the referendum nobody wants to talk about on privatization
    then we can get on with paying up in whatever way it will be rendered out of our pockets be it via taxation method a) b) c)

    as for Wilson….it’s got to the point where I only listen to Nova nowadays and rely on good old BS to get my digest…..it’s a pity as radio used to be a wee bit more impartial than the telly but RTE/Newstalk are now so pravda whether its the likes of this shyte or PK chatting with his mate Gerry Madden….they just leave me shouty and upset life’s too short fupp that

    1. delacaravanio

      I’m the same. I don’t know if RTE have gotten worse, or is it just I’m more sensitive to their propaganda, but I can never listen to them anymore. As for Newstalk…suffering Jesus.

  9. bisted

    …looks like the Shinners are in for an even rougher time from the media than they have experienced to date. It seems that the only way to maintain the status quo is a 2 1/2 party state…but with a compliant labour party to make up the numbers and prop up the chosen FF/FG option in turn and not the horrible Shinners.
    What with Alan Kelly getting a soft ‘told you so’ interview this morning on radio and Brendan Howlin getting anointed by Miriam, RTE are wasting no time in their rally to labour.

  10. Tish Mahorey

    RTE news and current affairs have always been the Government mouthpiece. They start with Morning Ireland, follow on with News at One, then Drivetime and then the Late Debate. All pushing the same message dawn to dusk and often using the same presenters and swapping them around each of the time slots.

    It’s a form of soft brain washing in the background as people go about their daily routine with the Government propaganda wafting out of RTE Radio 1.

    Same old story of protecting the establishment status quo, keep the same rich people rich and keeping the same inequality which made them rich.

    They have a conservative middle class professional bias and lean more towards the US than Europe politically. They are earning too much money and have become trapped in this cosy cartel of controlled propaganda which makes them lazy and unchallenging of Government.

    RTE are useless.

    1. Rob_G

      Didn’t Primetime do an exposé that included FG councilors right before the election?

      I think the interviewer is arguing with Boylan because the latter’s arguments are a bit tenuous.

      1. Lordblessusandsaveus

        “Didn’t Primetime do an exposé that included FG councilors”

        One FG. One FF and One Independent. Not exactly exposing FG.

        1. Rob_G

          No, not FG in particular, but I still think it gives lie to the idea that RTÉ is a “Government mouthpiece”.

          1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

            It does? They expose 3 corrupt councillors out of how many? Give them a freakin pulitzer prize

  11. Kdoc1

    Lynn Boylan is on top of her game. I like Mary Wilson, but she was struggling in the debate and was clearly not as informed as Boylan.

  12. 15 cents

    all the media figures mouthing for the gov. working to trick people into payin, do they ever go home and put their head on their hands for shame?

  13. some old queen

    Apart from the interview style which was absolutely biased and dreadful, I am gathering that one side are saying that once charges start they can’t be stopped, while the other that Irish Water is not established practice?

  14. ivor

    Boylan comes across much better in print than on air. Her points are valid but she came across as trying to talk over Wilson and dodging the question on air.

    And if you think Wilson was biased, try listening to Newstalk’s coverage on Breakfast and Pat Kenny this morning.

  15. Declan

    Everyone here is a few steps away from a Donald Trump rally with a guest appearance by Sarah Palin giving out about the lame stream media.

    Two people argue about something and have different opinions, happens every day, get over it. It’s Mary Wilsons job to challenge everyone who comes on.

      1. Declan

        It’s the job of a journalist to challenge. Mary’s on a radio programme which if someone didn’t challenge they’d be accused of left wing media bias typical of those socialist liberals in RTE.

        No matter what she does someone will complain.

        I’d take her and our public broadcaster any day over the US style Fox News or MSNBC

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          So you agree she shouldn’t be giving her personal opinion? Do you agree that lines like this “I said I’ve read the media reports of what has been said and I’ve taken this meaning out of it. I’m not saying I’m right” are pretty Fox-esque and deeply troubling?

          Would you agree that line I just quoted is even more troubling when you consider she said the following *before* introducing Boylan?; “the European Commission, it’s declared that Ireland does not enjoy an exemption from the obligation under European law for a system of water charges. Now this confirmation….”

          She premises the interview on the “declaration” and “confirmation” from the commission but then says it’s her personal interpretation based on OTHER MEDIA REPORTS and only after being challenged herself. Nothing troubling you about any of that?

          1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

            ah here now moyest will ye quit challenging the poor commenter sure isn’t he “entitled” to give his “opinion”?

            in latest news, flat earth theorists complain about discrimination in the education system

          2. Declan

            Deeply troubling – seriously that’s some hyperbole right there. Seriously, do you get this excited when someone challenges Leo Vardkar (can’t spell) on his waste of time in the Dept. of Health or are you selective????

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            OK, lad. Ithis doesn’t take a genius to work out why you’re ignoring through content of a message to make a hypothetical personal attack on me.

  16. Eoin

    Nothing is balanced on RTE. It’s the state propaganda network. And they make us PAY for it. Orwell couldn’t have written it any better. Boycott the license fee!!!

  17. Eoin

    This is disgusting. Wilosn makes NO attempt to disguise the fact she’s speaking for the establishment. That has damaged her. I gotta say Wilson was given an impossible task anyway. Shoot down Boylan and everything she says and leave the listener convinced Europe is backing Irish Water. She even gets so desperate that she resorts to FIBBING. Water bills in 2010, four years before Irish Water was set up? Oh sorry, ‘the concept’ of Irish Water was enough was it? I’ve never heard such utter, desperate, straw clutching nonsense in all my days. The longer the government keep using and abusing their propaganda tools to try to push the un-pushable Irish Water the less effective those tools are. Not only are they running out of ammo on this but their weapons are falling apart aswell.

  18. Steve

    Harry , rob g, rotide file to one side…moyest tish Ollie file to the other.

    Repeat ad nausem. :)

  19. Water Boy

    So her defence is a reference to an earlier derogation position agreed in 2000, surrendered in 2010 under the MoU. The exact position may be obscured by the dots in the middle of this “If the established practice is to have a system in place implementing the recovery of the costs of water services, in accordance with the polluter pays principle, the Commission considers that the flexibility afforded to Member States […] would not apply“.

    Surely as an MEP should could have bothered her bottom to actually find out what is in the dots before getting on national radio. What is all the more bizarre is that this is coming from the person who drafted paragraph 92 stating that metered water charges are the most equitable manner of providing water charges.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Actually, her argument is about whether core not Irish Water is established practice; a notion that is clearly up for interpretation. But you knew that, didn’t you.

  20. Jess

    I think the only things that can be said with certainty is that the last government and this one have failed utterly to make the case for Irish waters existence. They have failed at absolutely every turn to provide transparency, consistency and have exercised a complete lack of forethought in their decisions, understanding of the issues and, perhaps most bizarrely enough despite 80 million on consultants, a complete lack of knowledge on the legal pitfalls of setting up the utility. They ran roughshod over the planning, stuck their fingers in their ears during the implementation and shrugged their shoulders at every cock up.

    Not a single step they have taken on this path has been anything less that absurd and idiotic. The whole thing is a disaster. It is not fixable, give it up and go home, you’re drunk.

  21. some old queen

    This was a story on the six one news but dropped from the nine. The pro water charges angle was presented as fact and what would happen if no compliance.

    @ RTE The EU has being used as the great bogeyman on numerous occasions when the agenda is something very different. This is one of them. You are doing only yourself harm by this nonsense as you charge for your existence.

      1. Tony

        And did no one listen to you? Maybe you should try and articulate yourself better. Why should it be scaled back?

        1. The Key of G

          Salaries too high
          Lack of objective reporting
          Land bank very valuable state asset should be sold
          The angelus
          Ryan Tubridy
          Joe Duffy

          1. Tony

            So just stuff really. Nothing thought out or reasoned. Just keyboard warrior guff. Stuff and blah and pub ramblings. How would scaling back help. Would you shorten the Angelus maybe? I think you have real leadership qualities and excellent communication skills. Also a great grasp of analysis and strategic vision. Hopefully somebody listens to you soon and implements your well thought out plan.

  22. Truth in the News

    Abolish the licence fee to RTE and the’ll soon get the facts right and report
    accurately whats going on never mind propping up what ever junta is in
    power so they can carry on spewing out more propaganda, notice of late
    how they are trying to reserect the dead corpse of the Labour Party
    There are loads of more Lynn Boylans out there and RTE don’t like them.

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