26 thoughts on “De Bank Holiday Monday Papers

  1. TR

    Irish Examiner advertising a very different “front page” on twitter tonight featuring full page image of Muhammed Ali. What gives? Something dodgy about it, in my view.

    1. Twunt

      It is a conspiracy!!!

      Ali is not dead, he is chillin with Elvis, but the powers that be cannot let us know this.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Nothing ‘haunting’ about that picture of Ali; he was 74, we will all age. Media obsessed with appearance.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Tis fairly naughty of the IDM lads to use it when everyone else opts for Ali at his most beautiful and best

        1. Lilly

          + 1

          It would suit the media better if he consumed a bit of Botox and a few fillers, generate some advertising revenue for them no matter how ridiculous looking and incongruous the result. He was, and remained, a handsome man with great bone structure.

    1. Twunt

      Ireland has the second-highest health spending ratio in OECD, so money is not the problem with our health system.

      1. some old queen

        Oh here we go again. Ireland has the second-highest health spending ratio in OECD INCLUDING private health care which is very expensive and not cost effective.

        Ireland is way down the OECD list for NHS or public health care.

      2. classter

        A lot of that spending is misallocated towards insurance companies & double-jobbing consultants.

        I’d much rather pay my (ridiculously inflated) premium into a public health system.

        1. Twunt

          There is already enough money in the system. Adding more money to a very inefficient system will not yield improvements.

  3. Sheikh Yabooti

    Bruton rolls out the Irish solution to an Irish problem; “shur we’ll make them multi-denominational schools! Then everyone’s happy!” Same logic as prescription contraceptives in the 80’s, and abortion rights in the 21st century, half assed placating.
    Shorten the school day by 30 minutes and let the churches run their daily indoctrination elsewhere, or move it to after mass Sunday school.

    1. classter

      Multi-dem schools is a good waypoint towards a more sensible system.

      Our current system has its roots in the 19th Century, a gradual approach is more likely to be successful than expecting your solution to be imposed by fiat in one fell swoop.

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