Megan writes:

My cat Puddy (above) is missing since May 30, from Grove Park Road,Glasnevin Dublin 11. She’s a very pretty tabby, 3 years old? We searched the area for hours calling her name, put up posters and put 100 flyers through neighbours’ letterboxes. She went out last Monday night and just never came home, which is very unlike her. Can you help?


13 thoughts on “Find Puddy

  1. Megan

    Thanks Broadsheet, I’m worried sick about her, she’s never not come home before. She’s been gone a week now :((

  2. Una

    Didn’t know one could advertise missing pets on broadsheet. Anyway, best of luck with Puddy.

  3. Mairead

    Hi Megan, my cat is four years old, he has taken off a few times and then reappeared. The first time he wandered off he was gone for five weeks, I found him on the windowsill of my previous apartment that we’d moved from a year previous.

    He has since wandered off about four times for four or five days at a time befire returning. I used to be frantic with worry when he disappeared but I’m more relaxed now.

    I googled about cats’ habit if wandering off and it reassured me no end. My little prince has taken off again, last saw him on Thursday, I know he’ll be back, it’s always in the warm weather that this happens.

    Good luck <3

  4. Megan

    Thanks Mairead! She’s always come home, she’s been living with us for 3 years. We miss her terribly, the house isn’t the same without her:(

    1. Mairead

      You’re welcome Megan, I got some of my posters laminated and put them on trees, in vets’ windows, pet shop windows, supermarket notice boards, entrances of apartments and local medical centre – people are very helpful. I got a few calls about a cat hanging around in a few places, which ended up not being him before I actually found him myself.

      Cats are born survivors, before they were domesticated, they managed just fine. They’re amazingly resilient. Also there are many kind people that feed a cat that’s hanging around :-D

    1. Megan

      Thanks Sheik, you’re so right, she’s a total sweetie. I hope she’s home soon.

  5. Sheepeyes

    Hope you find your little Puddy soon Megan. My partner’s cat went missing for a week after she moved house and we were distraught but he arrived back safe and sound 5 days later. He’s deaf so we worry a bit more about home but as Mairead said earlier in the comment, with this weather it’s impossible to stop them from roaming. Get onto Phibsborough Cat Rescue too, they’ll put a pic on their page and it might increase visibility. Fingers crossed for you and Puddy.

    1. Megan

      Thanks Sheepeyes, I’d never heard of Phibsborough Cat Rescue, I’ll get on to them right away. Thanks for the advice.

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