44 thoughts on “If Only

  1. mark

    “if Dublin Transport was combined into one body” – it would be permanently on strike.

      1. VinLieger

        Yeah cus only workers in privatised employ go on strike like teachers, dart drivers, bus drivers, esb workers, gardai, nurses all privately employed……. oh wait

        1. Nigel

          Thanks, for eroding worker’s rights to a nubbin and making the protections afforded to state employees seem like outrageous privileges rather than rights, union busters!

  2. Pretendgineer

    June rolls around and it’s time for another NCAD grad’s Dublin transport map project.

  3. Junkface

    If only Ireland wasn’t filled with useless Irish politicians, we might have some sort of a sensible functioning country. Oh well, back to the whiskey

    1. Kolmo

      Mr/Ms. Junkface is under the misapprehension that politicians exist for the common good – quite the opposite – they are the buffer between the owners of most of the resources and those they want to protect those resources from.

  4. Condescending nana

    if only brits had stayed long enough to build us a metro, maybe give us a few good curry houses and turkish restaurants too..l.but nooooooo we had to go all martyr and stuff.

      1. classter

        ‘The Brits’ left us with a city-wide tram system?

        By which, you mean private Irish companies, largely William Martin Murphy of Cork?

        And yes, we did rip it up in a short-sighted move which mirrored most other cities in the Western World at the time. Almost nobody looked past the car. Get over your inferiority complex.

    1. Kolmo

      They’ve retained the North-Easternmost 6 counties since 1922 for their own past strategic interests and I don’t see this gleaming transport system utopia you elude to, or many Turkish restaurants, but they do put gravy on chips in parts of the North – gravy?

      1. ____

        If only they added some cheese curds they could be friendly and peaceful like the Canadians.

  5. rory

    Wouldn’t half of Stephens green have been torn up if they went ahead with transport 21?

      1. rory

        From what I’ve gathered that would’ve involved digging up half of Stephen’s green. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Kevin

          Not at all. St. Stpehen’s Green stations DART and Metro would be built from the bottom up. The Tunnel boring machine would drill the tunnels and then the station would be excavated from there. There would be two or three Air vents, but nothing that would nescesstate the ripping up of the green.

        2. Andy

          Dig the bloody thing up for a year or so if it means putting in an undergound system.
          Only ones impacted are the bloody ducks!

          Are you with Taisce?

      2. The Dude

        An underground station for a totally unnecessary massive turnaround loop, adding tens of millions in unnecessary costs – and yes resulting in total destruction overground of the mature trees, as was planned – and granted by An Bord Pleanallá.

        But anyhow, wasn’t Martin Cullen a great fellow all the same? Wonder where he is now. on his telephone figure pension at your expense.

        As long as the people of Ireland pay people for not doing what they are supposed to do, rotten provision will be incentivised.

        1. Bonkers

          Martin Cullen? Last I heard was that he now lives down in Florida where he is in the car rental business.

  6. spider

    Their plan, even back then was missing a circle line… no connection from Dun Laoghaire or south coast DART to the luas lines… no connection points between city center and county Wicklow.

  7. Junkface

    What Dublin really needs is a city perimeter East to West coast tram or elevated train (like in Brooklyn) along the North and South Circular roads, but sure anyway, this has all been said ages ago. Nothing changes, nothing gets planned for the future

      1. Nigel

        Beautiful graphs of sensible long-term plans are what we do now instead of flagellation.

  8. 3stella

    Still no fast rail link to the airport from the city, with it’s potential customer base of millions per year. faffing around about a Metro or Luas. A connection at Clongriffin would open up services to be run from North, South, & West.

    1. ollie

      Clongriffin connection would not be used by airport passengers who can get from the airport to the north quays in 15 minutes currently.
      Unfortunately DCC in their wisdom chose to provide free car parking on the nth quays instead of a bus lane and then decided to grant permission to Bord Gais to build a facility ensuring that a bus lane can never be implemented.

      Broadsheet, how about an article examining why the Irish government spent €412million buying a site that it already owned (DDDA bought glass bottle site from Dublin Port), and if the DDDA board knew that the site could never be built on.

      1. Andy

        If the government spent €412mm on a site it owned, then what’s the problem?
        If it already owned it, then the €412mm was paid to itself.

        However, I’ve a feeling you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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