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Pleasure Beachon the festival rounds

What you may need to know…

01. Belfast dream-pop five-piece Pleasure Beach are busy on the summer’s festival bills.

02. Signed to local label Faction, the band emerged late last year with debut single Go, which quickly made radio rounds, and got a Choice Music Prize nomination for Song of the Year.

03. Streaming above is the video for Go, taken from their Dreamer to the Dawn EP, released this past February.

04. Catch them next on the 25th at Sea Sessions, Longitude on July 15th, and at Indiependence on July 30th.

Verdict: Their EP is one of the strongest by a debuting Irish band in recent years. Ramshackle songcraft with much to like for shoegazers and synth nerds.

Pleasure Beach

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8 thoughts on “You May Like This: Pleasure Beach

  1. Boj

    Saw the miserable black & white photo and made a little bet with myself before continuing to read. Low and behold, they are indeed from Belfast..knew it!

  2. Jimbo

    This is a pure rip-off of the War on Drugs. It would be ok if the War on Drugs never existed but they’re so ridiculously similar, everything down to the ‘Woo’s’ they use in the new single. Come on lads. A bit of originality is seriously needed.

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