61 thoughts on “‘Best Results From 3 Visits’

  1. joj

    As much as we try hide it, we are a backward genetically fairly thick superstitious country, compared with western Europe, obviously not as bad as third world which are down a whole other level

    1. Pretendgineer

      Ah jog on would you with your “backward genetically fairly thick superstitious” poop.

      1. The Key of G

        He’s pretty much on the money there.
        Things have improved since the Poles and other more attractive nations thoughtfully sent some women over to breed with our native pterodactyls though.

      2. jack johnson

        I could tell you a few tales from rural France that would make your eyes water so compared to Western Europe we’re certainly no worse .. Jog on !

    2. Al

      Trust me, you should pay a visit to rural Europe one of these days. No, nowhere where English is spoken, mind you, that’s not really Spain. Go to our unexplored ‘España profunda’ and open your eyes.

    3. Rob

      Comment = Irish people are a stupid race, not as stupid as the races of people in poor countries, but stupid compared to our Aryan superiors.

      1. joj

        Pure bred can have issues for society, cross breeds fare better, depending on what mix of breeds. A look at india and homogeneous African countries proves this point. Evolution! look it up, fascinating really the science when you dont let beliefs/idealogoy bias you

        1. pedeyw

          Most of the problems in Africa are caused by post colonial issues, not genetics. Genetically speaking European people are actually part neanderthal.

          1. Tony

            It’s very rapey though. Especially around the middle where outside forces never had enough impactt on traditions. Central Africa is much less developed than coastal Africa where there was greater mixing due to slavery etc

    4. Tony

      Fritzl, dutroux, berlusconi, Sweden, Rotherham, neo nazi, anything French and Germany. Proud to be Irish.

  2. Tucker Done

    I’ve the gout myself, but my guardian angel’s horse is suffering a dose of the Sweet Itch. Two for one in loughrea?

    1. scottser

      I usually get a touch of pink eye after the sweet itch. The short strikes do be murder sometimes..

    1. Rob_G

      I think that’s what this really is; this lad gives handjobs, or will talk you through getting yourself off over the phone. The rest is window-dressing to give it a veneer of legitimacy.

  3. Paul

    a lot of those symptoms become less important after ‘the cure’ in a couple of pubs.

    not so sure about the internal bleeding and the sweet itch though.

  4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I have internal bleeding and chest pains. I think I’ll wait until Sat 18th of June and drive over to Athlone to get 1 of 3 (not guaranteed) cures from this guy.
    What can go wrong? Nothing.

  5. Sheikh Yabooti

    Curing of permanent retina damage caused by staring at the sun during religious gatherings a speciality.

  6. boggo

    there is a fellow going around Tallaght who will touch you with a relic of Padre Pio. it cures all sorts.

  7. ivan

    And yet this week on Facebook, I saw a friend ask for somebody in her area with “the cure for burn” which I presume means sunburn.

    she got ten replies, all banking different people.

    it’s remarkable. We are a country where religion and superstition really intersect…

  8. Tony

    He’s got more cred than the craft beer merchants selling slops as something artisan. Throw in the rip off organic farmer crowd as well.

  9. ahjayzis

    Maybe if the state didn’t fund the teaching of the supernatural and magic in schools this guy would have less of a client base.

    Jus’ sayin’!

  10. Kieran NYC

    The man’s a charlatan, fraud and con-man.

    Why isn’t this quackery illegal? Taking advantage of sick people is a scummy thing to do.

    Noel Edmonds was at it during the week too, the utter ****

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I wouldn’t recommend it Mike.
      A mate of mine tried it ‘over the phone’ and his other leg turned gay too.

  11. some old queen

    Weird thing is ‘the cure’ is not a Catholic thing at all, it is pagan. Just like Christmas trees in most living rooms.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Serious question…
        Do you have a star on top of yours or a Barbie doll with paper wings?
        -No…don’t tell me….I think I know.

        I haven’t had a Christmas tree in MY living room for over 10yrs now.
        Yeah, I’m miserable…wharra ye gonna do abour it?

        -When you stop making presumptions about me I’ll stop telling it like it is.
        I HATE Christmas, and I’m very annoyed at you for reminding me of it in early June.

        I do not own or ever wish to purchase a Christmas tree, and I have a living room.
        I’m sure I’m not the only miserab person.

        Why are you lying to people?

        1. Catherine McEntee

          Happiness, oh happiness, the greatest gift that I possess……..

          What about a partridge in a pear tree? Or roasting your nuts on an open fire or Mrs Claus feeding you your brussel sprouts?

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