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Senan Kelly writes:

I know ye don’t normally do this but i would really appreciate if you might share my survey on broadsheet.

As part of my masters dissertation in Digital Marketing I am exploring the issue of consumer trust and credibility in Irish Beauty and Fashion Bloggers.

Many fashion and beauty bloggers are receiving gifts, rewards and some are receiving monetary compensation for writing about brands and products.

This survey aims to explore to what degree to which readers are aware of this and its potential influence on their purchasing behaviour. You can also be in with a chance to win a €60 Penneys giftcard by completing the survey. Survey only takes 5 minutes!

Consumer Trust In Irish Beauty And Fashion Blogs (Survey Monkey)


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10 thoughts on “In Irish Beauty Blog You Trust?

  1. The Real Jane

    I haven’t filled in the quiz because I wouldn’t be seen dead winning a Penny’s voucher obvs, but I kind of love Irish beauty blogs:

    Hiya ladies, it’s summer and I bet you’re sweating like a pig in climgfilm LOL (insert other local phrase)- I know I am! This week (inset copy and paste from a PR handout). So it’s only brill and your Mammy would love one too! Mwah!
    Beauty Breeda xoxoxo:-)

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Yer wan Triona McCarthy who writes for the Sunday Indo is bananas. I like her, though.
      The best is whassername from The Guardian. Jeez, I need a drink. Sali Hughes! Boom. Still need a drink, though.

    2. chickentikka

      Oh but to look and smell like them all would be a dream. To adorn a bookcase with high end shoes and handbags and transform what was for the baby’s play area into an office/dress room where mommy can play make up and distort a nations view of themselves and promote body shaming and inadvertently become the know it all on subjects of the heart, the things that should be consumed, how to pack for your holiday. You know the holiday where you’re only going to check in that you’re off, check in that you love the place. Show off show off show off. If bloggers are in fact making big bucks from this which they are then there needs to be fair laws which incorporate the likes of these bloggers and the incessant advertising of their products. They should be paying tax at this stage to review these products.

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    ‘A super serious report into whether or not its fair that bloggers promote high end beauty gear without mentioning they’re getting paid for it – Sponsored by Penny’s’

    She probably bought the voucher herself but still…

  3. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Ha! The study criticises brand-pushing by bloggers to their readers yet offers Penneys vouchers to its readers.

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