28 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

    1. Thomas P

      I’m part of the group who erected this memorial 7 years ago.

      “This bike is for you, to continue your journey across the sky.” was the final sentence of the poem I read.

  1. boggo

    its being removed because its litter. simple as. the group should apply for permission for a plaque.

  2. 15 cents

    is all the council do is block and refuse permission for things. same as every county council. never have a positive input, just obstructing things from happening.

      1. 15 cents

        its a farce. limp. weak. doesnt deliver anything tangible. its akin to Enda Kennys ‘listening’ visit to north dublin today. all hot air and bluster with no actual results.

  3. Grouse

    I hope they put up another one. Every time I cycled past that bike I thought about keeping myself and others safe. It seemed to me a very effective road safety reminder.

      1. Condescending nana

        that’s because you are a bit of a dim child Dave, most people know what ghost bikes are. go back to your playstation and porn.

        1. Grouse

          Prepare to be amazed. I only cycle past there around once a fortnight, but on the day that cyclist was killed I happened to have gone the same route earlier that afternoon. One of those things that lodges in your brain, I suppose. It doesn’t take long to think about.

      2. Joe

        never heard of ghostbikes and am a Dublin cycler for years. don’t care for the idea really it’s too vague.

  4. Condescending nana

    looking forward to them removing the phone boxes around o’connel bridge too, currently use for defecating, injecting and smoking heroin, sleeping off the comedown and a far more vile eyesore than this bike which was placed there as a mark or respect and as a warning. Suits the souless automatons in their SUV to have this removed and not being reminded how many they have killed with their cars.

  5. Liam Deliverance

    I didn’t know what these bikes were about. It’s a nice gesture and possibly could save someone else from getting injured. I’m not sure how long they should remain for though, 5 years seems fair enough?

  6. Rob_G

    The footpath there is narrow enough; it could have been obstructing mobility-impaired people.

    Still, a pity that it was removed.

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