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This afternoon.

In the car park of Carnegie Court Hotel in Swords.

Kevin O’Brien tweetz:

Any good reason for two ambulances in hotel car park for two days? Seems totally bizarre… Possible that it’s for training and both are on call, seems a bit daft though…




This afternoon

TheQ47 writes:

This Garda car, with two uniformed gardaí, parked on the access section between two wheelchair parking bays for around 10 minutes this lunchtime, at Market Street, Sligo, while the passenger Garda bought/collected something from the nearby jewellery shop. Unacceptable.

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13 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. The Real Jane

    Is this a parking one? I don’t like the way the big ambulance is parked, looks like he’s in two spaces.

  2. ollie

    I also seen something totally bizarre today, some lad taking a photo of 2 ambulances in a car park.

  3. Robert

    Mad though isn’t it? I heard a while back there’s a shortage of Ambulances … I’m genuinely curious …

  4. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    These ambulances have been stolen by criminals and shall be used as getaway vehicles after the big heist tomorrow – like at the end of Die Hard (1)

    1. Paul

      It’s not that we have a shortage of ambulances. It’s that there’s a shortage of staff to operate said ambulances. Two parked up for a couple of days is nothing. Really, whomever posted this to the Internet needs to get a life. The chronic under-funding of front line services in the health service is a completely different matter.

  5. essosee

    Did the other cop stay in the car so they could move if someone came? Did they go out of sight of it?

    Or is that a classic example of someone getting up on their high horse on behalf of a person who is not actually put out by the issue?

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