Rat Joins Sinking Ship



The Evening Standard reports:

The two camps in the EU referendum battle met today in a bizarre clash on the Thames on board a propaganda flotilla.

Sir Bob Geldof boarded a boat on the Thames to oppose Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit flotilla, which was making its way up the Thames towards parliament.

The flotilla, of up to 35 boats, had been organised by Scottish skippers as part of the Fishing for Leave campaign.

The Boomtown rats star blasted out songs including Chicago’s “If you leave me now”, while the Leave boats retaliated by firing water from a hose at Geldof’s vessel.


Nigel Farage and Sir Bob Geldof clash on Brexit in bizarre Thames flotilla ‘battle’ (The Evening Standard)

Pic via Guardian and video via Mikey Smith and Kaya Burgess


Jim Waterson tweetz:

I’m under aural attack from Bob Geldof who has the loudest soundsystem known to man and is haranguing Farage.


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55 thoughts on “Rat Joins Sinking Ship

    1. H

      I’m pretty sure that the top picture wasn’t today as he is wearing different clothes in all the other pictures I’ve seen and they had flegs not whiteboards

    1. dav

      I remember him being involved in a campaign to keep sterling & not join the euro. It was during the early to mid 2000’s

        1. dav

          no question about that, and no issue with Geldof supporting the “pound” I guess I wouldn’t equate that stance with a Remain in Eu one.

  1. rotide

    One of the greatest mysteries of Irish begrudgery is the hatred of Sir Bob. I guess I get the bono thing, but why on earth do people hate Geldof?

    Did he have the cheek to get up off his arse not once but twice to do something that had never been done before and save millions of lives? Or was it simply that he he moved abroad for a better life and had the temerity to recieve that better life?

    I”d love to hear from the usual suspects on this

    1. dav

      that’s right call him “SIR” Bob and tug your forelock to acknowledge your masters on the “mainland”
      Article 40.2.2° of the Constitution states “No title of nobility or of honour may be accepted by any citizen except with the prior approval of the Government.”

      1. rotide

        While certainly shining a huge spotlight on the giant chip on your shoulder, that doesn’t actually answer the question Dav

    2. Tish Mahorey

      “One of the greatest mysteries of Irish begrudgery”

      You confuse begrudgery with criticism.

        1. Boj

          Sure isn’t it just easier to put a label on everything/everyone?
          Mr. Geldoff would be filed under D for donkhead. You may also find him under A,C,U,N & T. There are many labels for this Irishman. ;-p

        1. Boj

          And two browsers in use at the same time apparently. – what are you on about?

          Now rotide/c sharp, did you read jambon’s link? Do you still feel the same admiration for him?
          If not, then I’m afraid you are a broken person in dire need of a hug.

    3. Formerly known as @ireland.com


      I used to love Bob. Unfortunately, the Scottish thing really showed me what an Establishment gombeen man he has become. This is more of it. He used to call out the powers that be – a la Banana Republic but he has taken the queen’s knighthood. How dare he tell Scottish people that they are better off within the UK, when he has benefited from being raised in a Republic, free of the shackles and London-centric power of the British class system. Now, he has been accepted by the establishment, he is keen to tell everyone how wonderful it is. I still like the classic Rats stuff, even a lot of the solo stuff (e.g. The roads that Hitler built) but he is a tosser.

      1. rotide

        Maybe he looked at both sides and thought it was better than scotland remain? Maybe he looked at both sides and thought it better that the UK remain?

        It’s funny how someone can be lauded for their opinions and demonised for almost the same opinions

        1. jambon

          Maybe it’s none of his donkeheaded business. And maybe if he hadn’t aided and abetted genocide in Africa to furnish his ego, he would have some credence as a commentator, but as it is he has, and is therefore a wretched establishment sycophant, just like his peer, Sir Jimmy Saville.

    4. J

      OK. Rotide . He was wrong on Africa, oozes desperation in his courtship of the media,is obsessed with self and Geld ( money auf Deutsch) and in his latter years has somehow managed to reinvent himself as an intellectual . *splutter* *splutter*. The lovechild of Mitty and Gatsby, if the male ego could breed .

    5. Mé Féin

      Robert Frederick Zenon “Bob” Geldof is not a “sir.” That is for Uk citizens only. He is no more a “sir” than Rudy Giuliani.

  2. bisted

    …what a guy…first he swung the Scottish Referendum…now this…how did Ireland let him leave…

  3. Eoin

    Hmmm. Sir Bob. I used to be proud of his achievements when I was kid. Back when any Irish person doing anything cool on the world stage was a massive deal. Now….not so proud of him. He’s looking more and more like and establishment shill. The ‘sir’ in his title should be a dead give away. Who’d want to be a knight of the realm these days anyway? Looks like you only get a title if you’re some sort of pedophile.

  4. H

    I went down for a gawk during my lunch, it was quite the spectacle – Sir Bob’s flotilla was just as big as Farage’s which is not how the news were reporting it…

    Also it needs to be stated, in case you are not already sick of hearing it, that when Farage was representing the fishing industry of the UK in Europe he failed to turn up at any of the 42 meetings that took place while he was in office, so I wonder about the one’s who were with him today.

  5. jimmy russell

    ugh a leave vote is just being pushed by racists if birtain leaves it will close all it’s boarders there needs to be loads more immigration and if britain leaves it will encourage racists over here to start campaigning too

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