Broadsheet Trailer Park: Orange is the New Black – Season 4



What you may need to know:

1. A year ago this would have been great news.

2. But season 3 was too preoccupied with Piper and Alex (nobody cares anymore), and neglected the other inmates. At least Ruby Rose is out.

4. That last season was a real chore to get through. Piper running a used panty business? Crazy Eyes writing sci-fi erotica? Go home, OITNB, you’re drunk.

4. OITNB is a textbook example of a one-season show that’s outstayed its welcome.

5. But that’s the problem with a lot of US television. You can’t walk away from a hit.

6. And it’ll get worse – Netflix has already renewed OITNB through season 7.

7. Broadsheet prognosis: Orange you glad there’s only 4 seasons left?

Release Date: Available from Friday 17th June (Netflix).

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12 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Orange is the New Black – Season 4

  1. The Real Jane

    I won’t bother watching it. I enjoyed the first season but by the third it had completely fallen off its one trick pony.

    1. Waddy Dilson

      Okay, here’s a question – I’m a fan of Breaking Bad, The Wire, Better Call Saul, Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire, Sopranos etc – Is Bloodline up my ally or will I get annoyed by it? – ie is it full of angsty drama a-la a mature Dawsons Creek / One Tree Hill annoying crap

      1. Fully Keen

        Bloodline has a great atmosphere and the acting is excellent. But it’s slow and sometimes gets a bet melodrama of the week. I found myself wanting to skip through episodes, which is odd. It’s well made though and I would recommend watching the first episode.

        Another series that passed me by and I just watched two series back to back of was The Leftovers. It’s hard to get into, but if you watch at least the first two or three episodes you will love or hate it. It reminded me of twin peaks or early Lost. Best show I have watched lately.

  2. ivan

    But but but…whilst Netflix can renew a show (as you say they have) through to Season 7, they’d be daft not to have some kind of get out in the contract that if viewing figures go thru the floor, they can knock it on the head.

    I mean, they’ve got pretty much 100% accurate viewership figures, there’s no TAM ratings eejiting about here, with margins for error…

    And if it IS crap, but people are still watching it, it’s not that hard to avoid it…

  3. aido

    “OITNB is a textbook example of a one-season show that’s outstayed its welcome”

    But wasn’t season one totally preoccupied with Piper and Alex too? I can’t be arsed with them either, but I think the producers recognise that the strength of the show is the supporting cast, and even in s3, did a fair job of balancing their stories with the P&A balderdash.
    Being a bit harsh here, methinks, on what is still one of the better homegrown netflix efforts and a launchpad for some seriously talented actresses.

  4. Christopher

    I really loved the last episode of Season 3. I found it quite moving actually. But yeah the first half of the season was a bit meh.

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