Going To Body & Soul?


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At the Body & Soul music and arts festival last year

But do you also want to see the Ireland v Belgium match this weekend?


Alan Meehan writes:

Very few times does our little nation get to come together and rejoice in the achievements of Irish soccer at major finals. This is one of those moments and it needs to be grasped with both hands!

Let’s petition Body & Soul to bring a small piece of Ireland’s odyssey in France to a field in Westmeath! So that, together, we can recreate some of the joyous scenes that Irish fans are creating in France and do our nation proud by cheering on Martin, Keano and the boys down at Ballinlough Castle.

Wouldn’t you rather watch the game on a proper screen than on a phone that isn’t going to work anyway?

You can sign the petition here

Body & Soul

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews

36 thoughts on “Going To Body & Soul?

    1. Stephen

      Fluffy, you are constantly mentioning vegans on this site.

      Show me where they hurt you?

  1. Peter81

    I know Body & Soul isn’t really a “big screen” soccer kind of festival. Maybe they could compromise and show it on a wood-paneled 80’s Sanyo TV decorated with a collage of Irelands Own cuttings.

  2. Shayna

    Having worked in live events/Audio visual industry in the past – it strikes me as obvious – knock on the farmer’s door, say, “We’re not from London – can we run a cable from your aerial socket?” – plug into a tv receiver, connect to projector and PA system – job done! (There may be a fair amount of cable involved?)

      1. Shayna

        Just signed the petition, I don’t know what 63% means – do they need 2000 signatories for a mandate and it will happen, or will it be tabled for further discussion? – Anyhoo, good luck!

  3. Billy Kremlin

    I’m delighted they are not showing it. If you really want to watch it, just walk into town. it’s only about a mile.
    For anyone not into football or sport it invades every aspect of our lives and is showed in our face everywhere. It also attracts the wrong crowds and brings with it a yobbish culture that has no place in B&S.
    It’s not the place or time .

      1. Billy Kremlin

        I’ll be gacked outta my face on bags, Dutch Minions and stareberry field trips. I know how to party.

    1. Shayna

      Sorry Billy that you feel that way -I’d be a GAA type, rather than soccer type, however – I watch the Irish matches because it’s all-inclusive (by way of fans) big tournament – one wants to see one’s country do well – or at least watch?
      “The wrong crowds – and brings with it a Yobbish culture”. – I’ve been a vegetarian for 35 years (not a vegan), if that’s what the majority wants, not to show the Ireland/Belgium match – so be it, but I think having signed the petition and having seen the numbers in favour – your claims about sport are a tad unfounded.

      1. Billy Kremlin

        I get your point, I want the team to well and its great to see the country to get together.
        However on Saturday the match will literally be everywhere you turn and what the beauty of body and soul is you get up escape the norm. It’s once a year. The reason it’s so special is that it doesn’t do stuff like this.
        As I said the town is right beside it and I’m sure some enterprising taxi man will be doing spins down to the local. Who will be only delighted .

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Pathetic appeal from a typical ‘I want it all’ loser. If you want to watch soccer, sell your B&S ticket go and find a place to watch it – why should you expect your present company to cater for your every whim?

    1. D'El Boy


      Pathetic appeal eh? How dare someone ‘want it all’ and be a ‘loser’ to boot? Soccer fans, know your place!

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        It is pathetic. You book a ticket for an entertainment experience but decide you want to watch TV during it so you call it your host’s problem for not providing you with that dual experience.

        1. pedeyw

          Funny, I didn’t see anything in the post about it being the hosts problem. I must have misread.

  5. Cloud

    If I was going to Body & Soul but determined to see the game I’d find it much more appealing to go to the nearest town for a couple of hours to watch it.

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