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A sun-worshipper is requested to leave Merrion Square Park, Dublin 2  on Bank Holiday May 1, 2020

Covid Emergency Powers are due to expire on Thursday.

Unless TDs vote to renew them.

Time for a petition!

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla writes:

The Emergency Powers allows a Minister to: Set aside provisions of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and of our own Constitution – without any public discussion or vote’ Restrict our right to Work, Travel and Associate; Segregate and divide us based on Health Status; Force us carry a Digital Certificate (ID card) in order to gain access to services, including sports, restaurants and bars.; Dictate, by coercion, what medicines are put into our body, or that we wear face-coverings without any proven benefit; Delay medical treatments for things like Cancer and Heart Disease, in favour of a single illness which is far less dangerous.

We want respect for our fundamental Human and Civil Rights, they cannot be given and taken away at the whim of any Government. We demand respect for the right to Informed Consent and Bodily Integrity.

Sign here


Last night/this morning.

A petition has been launched calling for the removal of the domestic COVID pass in Ireland.

‘Vaccinated and Worried’ writes:

The domestic COVID pass in Ireland should be abolished immediately. It is a divisive and discriminatory measure with very little scientific basis.

As a tool it divides the nation but if you are vaccinated but oppose the domestic COVID please add your name to this petition (at link below).

I still have faith in Irish people and I hope that deep down many know that it is fundamentally wrong to deny fellow citizens a normal every day life based on a medical treatment.

I am vaccinated but I no longer feel comfortable sitting inside knowing that others cannot do so. The only reason the domestic COVID pass is possible is because the vaccinated consider it acceptable.

If you are vaccinated but against the domestic COVID pass please add your name and voice to this petition.

Sign here

The approval by An Bord Pleanala for the development of a four-storey hotel on Dublin’s Merchant’s Arch has provoked a petition opposing the plans signed by more than 27,000 people to date

This afternoon.

Nicorigo writes:

Dublin City Council and An Bord Pleanala plan to destroy part of Merchant’s Arch to make way for an hotel. This is an iconic part of the city and it would be outrageous if the planning was to go ahead.  There is a petition going on (see below), it would be great if you can share it. We need as many voices as possible to put a stop to this nonsense.

Petition here

Yesterday: Merchant’s Arch: Historic Dublin landmark to be demolished and replaced by hotel (Dublin Live)


A petition by [Dublin City] Councillor Chris Andrews calling on the Irish government and Irish Water/Ervia to stop breaching the European Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD), to fix the problems which are causing wastewater overflows, and give us a safe, clean and healthy Dublin Bay.

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The Horseboy mural on Stirrup Lane in Dublin 7


A petition has been set up by artist collective Subset to save the ‘Horseboy’ mural on Stirrup Lane, off Church Street, in Dublin 7, from being removed by Dublin City Council.

They write:

An Bord Pleanála is set to rule on the case of a well-known mural in the Smithfield area after Dublin City Council found that it needs planning permission to remain in place.

The Horseboy mural is located just off Church Street in Dublin 7 and a warning letter had previously been issued in respect of it by the council.

The tenant at the house which has the mural on the side of it made an application to the council in June that the painting should be considered “exempted development” and allowed to remain.

A previous arrangement between the council and the tenant had designated it as an “exempted development”

….The conditions attached to that agreement outlined it would only apply for a period of 12 months, ending 1 April 2018, and that the applicant would have to commit to removing the artwork at the end of that permission.

A submission was then made by the owner – as opposed to the tenant – of the property in favour of the mural….

…Dublin City Council, however, found that the mural does require planning permission, and therefore it cannot be considered exempt under existing laws.

The need for planning permission for murals has been a thorn in the side of efforts to develop street art in Dublin in recent years.

Sign petition here

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The Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin 2

Following reports that An Bord Pleanála has denied the Bernard Shaw pub, in Dublin 2, permission to continue operating its beer garden area at the rear of the property, after complaints from local residents, a petition was set up against the decision.

A total of 19,300 signatures have already been collected online.

Johnny Brennan writes:

“The Bernard Shaw is a cultural institution in Dublin. The venue’s contribution to the vibrancy of our city is met by few other and now it faces losing a planning bid to continue operating outside beer garden and Big Blue Bus area.

“The recent criticism is apparently over noise complaints from ‘local residents’, however The Bernard Shaw has been operating happily and peacefully as such since 2006.

“It is one of the most unique spaces we have in our city, which actively supports and encourages the cultural growth Dublin so desperately needs.

“Please sign and show An Bord Pleanála how important this space is and that taking it away would be drastically harmful to Dublin’s development as an attractive and vibrant cultural hub.”

Save The Bernard Shaw’s beer garden and Big Blue Bus area (Petition)

Petition on Uplift

A petition has been launched calling on the Government to reverse its plans to put an estimated two million documents relating to the work of three commissions out of the reach of the public for 75 years.

The documents are related to the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, the Residential Institutions Redress Board and the Residential Institutions Redress Review Committee.

Details of the plans to seal the documents emerged when Minister for Education Joe McHugh published the Retention of Records Bill in February.

The petition has been launched by Laura Collins, who is a daughter of an industrial school survivor.

Laura writes:

“This legislation cannot be passed. It goes against the FOI (Freedom of Information) Act.

“…If they lock these records away for 75 years, no one could investigate the cover-up which they created around the institutions and how they went on to further abuse survivors’ rights.

“They had gagged survivors during the Ryan Report so they cannot speak out. But we can, as their children. Please sign this petition and take a stand and help lift the blanket of secrecy. Thank you all.”

The petition can be signed here

A petition calling for chief executive of the FAI John Delaney to quit on change.org

This morning.

An online petition calling for the chief executive of the FAI John Delaney has secured more than 10,000 signatures.

The petition states:


John Delaney is on an annual salary of €360,000.

The club that comes in first place in the League of Ireland receives €110,000 (Before Champions League and Europa League prize money). This is completely ludicrous and we demand that Irish football become a priority for development of domestic players instead of relying on English clubs to do all of the development for us.


The real solution is complete restructure of domestic football in this country, but removing the current (useless) head of the FAI is a great start.


Remove John Delaney as head of the FAI (Change.org)

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