Body & Soak



Aww DAD.

Tim writes:

Laoise, one of my colleagues here in d’office is away to Body and Soul [Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath].this weekend. Her Dad is a retired meteorologist and a bit of a legend, so he put together a body and soul-specific weather forecast (above)…

Yesterday: Going To Body & Soul?

16 thoughts on “Body & Soak

  1. Cynic3000

    Anyone can get that forecast online unless you’re a complete idiot.

    And this needy weirdness of telling the whole world about private lives is just odd.

    1. Ricky Ricardo

      Ah, would you stop? It was a sweet thing to do by what appears to be a very caring dad who also happens to be a meteorologist. Where’s the harm in that?

      I’d wager it made the submitter smile, as it did me, which is why he thought to send it in. No neediness or weirdness about it.

  2. ivan

    I remember back before social meeja meant that people didn’t endlessly forward jokes…something landed into the ‘humour’ list mailing list at work. (Yup, we had one of those…IT policies, how are ya)

    anyway, so the joke or whatever is at the top and then there’s the endless


    stuff as you’d have.

    The funny thing was that the bloke who sent the mail out to the list was a birrova prize chump, and had received the mail from his brother, and the exchange between them before the joke was there for all to see, not least the unforgettable

    “and make sure that Mum picks me up from Lime Street Station, alright, and if you don’t, you’ll catch hell for it, ‘cos I’m her favourite little boy”

    the email address was created within two minutes and worked perfectly as an alias from then on…

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      So they did endlessly forward jokes, just to a list

      1. ivan

        it’s way back in 1999 now…but I think what’d happen was that ivan would recieve a joke into his office email account and chortle. Rather than send it to the rest of the folks in his depatment, or his mates, there was a majordomo list thing set up, so he’d sent the HILARIOUS item to ‘’ and it’d land into the inboxes of all subscribers to the list.

        Every now and then there’d be a flareup as somebody would share something that another person on the list found tasteless or offensive, and THAT led to the creation of another list, called ‘’ and the only rule of that was that if you subscribed you couldn’t complain about what you saw.

        then we got taken over by plc, our one man IT bloke was subsumed into a department and all that went.

        Jaysus. The past. It’s a different country, innit

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I’d love a bit of home-made Shepard’s pie right now.
    Where did you say she lives Tim?

  4. H

    What is it with Dads and the weather? Mine was obsessed but only relayed the forecast if it was going to rain for some reason,…

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