14 thoughts on “Beetlebrick

  1. John

    God be with the days when you got a box of lego and built what you wanted rather than what they told you to build…

    1. Robert

      Always been like that. Picture on the box a serving suggestion but ultimately what you do with the bricks is up to you. As a long time Lego aficionado, member of the Lego club and erstwhile Master Builder, I think this looks deadly.

      1. Cian

        If you’re actually up to anything building wise, take a look at the recognised LUG in the country – brick.ie

  2. Donger

    I got the Ferrari F40 for Xmas. Very enjoyable , the detail is impressive. Took about 8 (mainly drunk) hours to complete.

    1. Paul

      I was just thinking the same. The Beetle always had a rounded windscreen, whereas the 2CV has a rectangular one, like in this model. Perhaps its some sort of cross-breading hybrid!

    2. Boj

      Correct – the windshield is too vertical…the colour could be better too. Do Beetle’s not have a signature paint colour? Like a mouldy beige or something?

  3. Tish Mahorey

    The licence plate is wrong though. That’s a 1950s plates. It should be yellow on black with serial number style XXX 123.

    Hmm. So there.

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