18 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Mr. Salmons…
      You are too quick in your jumping to conclusion, a bit silly swimming upstream and better off spreading your muck elsewhere.
      -You’re probably not even a fish.

    2. martco

      What a horrible way to go, seems she was the rare breed of politician with conviction and vocational

      was interesting reading Cameron being interviewed on the box last night to give his tribute etc. very dead eyes I’d say his personal feelings very mixed up…..he knows this killing has probably saved his bacon

    1. Sido

      Really you might find the editorial the Guardian rushed to get out yesterday, before anything was known of the event, more to your taste/opinion, Keiran.

      A better way to use the corpse of this unfortunate woman if you will.
      The immediate facts – The gunman/murderer was/is receiving treatment for a “mental disorder”.
      The claim that he shouted “Britain first”, was being dropped, by most major news providers after a few hours.

      In my opinion when the major political agenda of the government of a country is something called “Project Fear” then it might seem reasonable to expect some sort of unfavourable reaction to it.

      1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

        Oh for gods sake. It’s not project fear. It’s been labeled that by people without a better argument than sneering at experts and “elites” despite being elites themselves.

        I am so sick of this poo storm

        1. Sido

          @ Don
          >Sneering at experts.

          No doubt you’ll enjoy the title cynics are giving today’s poo storm – “Project Mourn”

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    It’s MY belief that recent atrocities are attributable to Security Forces keeping their eye on the Football, not on the actual ball itself.
    Daesh are not stupid, but you aren’t allowed to say that.

    I hope I’m wrong.
    I hope I’m very wrong.

  2. Rev Henry Woods

    I do wonder, is it any wonder why print media sales are in a steep decline.
    Look at the state of these front pages.

  3. jimmy russell

    ugh only tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists would come up something so stupid like the pro-remain media outlet manufacturing this “britain first” comment, so what if eye witnesses said he didnt shout it? they’re obviously in shock and dont know what they’re saying or what they remember, I’d trust the word of an english newspaper journalist over some shaky eye witness any day. Anyway at least her death will keep britain in the EU now so there is some silver lining to all this.

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