Peak Bants?



YOU decide

Yesterday: Craic And Bants


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21 thoughts on “Peak Bants?

  1. munkifisht

    Where can one get this so called low cost alcohol. The price of a drink has gone through the roof in this country of late.

  2. Smith

    Where can I get my hands on those grey beer goggle strips that the fans pictured are wearing?

  3. Turgenev

    Who says it’s public or other drunkenness? The Irish fans I saw in France were drinking moderately but laughing and having a good time. Didn’t see any drunks at all.

  4. MoyestWithExcitement

    ‘Funny how the Irish media didn’t pick up on this clever angle I came up with. I’m an independent thinker, me.’ Penis. Head.

  5. Tish Mahorey

    Delaney doesn’t like the lower orders. He fancies himself among the diplomatic class with the Ferrero Rocher and what not.

    1. On The Buses

      Pish Posh, Tish. Stop the absolutely groundless presumption that Football is an working class endevour and hence, exempt from any critique from some one you perceive to be Middle Class. There’s a lot of prawn sandwich eaters at all those matches. All of them are drunk. You are needlessly turning it in to a class issue.

      Excessive drinking is a problem in all stratas of Irish society. I don’t see any difference in drinking in the Shelbourne Bar or in The Sunset House. It might cost less in one, but it’s the same poison.

  6. Willie Banjo

    Rugby school educated right winger hates working class soccer fans. And in other news…

    1. On The Buses

      Willie Banjo, That is an ad hominem argument, known as a fallacy when it comes to critical thinking. You’re not dealing with the point that is being discussed, only with the protagonist’s character.

  7. eamonn clancy

    He’s right, usually by now some poor will have fallen into a river or canal, stocious drunk.

  8. Mulder

    A glass of beer in one hand and a fiddle in the other, with the flag draped around his shoulders and a song in his gob.
    And a look in his eye that will tell ye, i`m from Ireland, i know it`s bleeding great, we only get out every 4 years if we are really lucky.
    Now for another verse the fields of athenry.

  9. Gary

    Oh the hypocrisy.The intellect that identified this schizophrenic attitude to alcohol really should be applauded.And rugby; played by a tiny minority but recieves blanket media coverage.Oh the hypocrisy.Makes ya think doesnt it….

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