45 thoughts on “Craic And Bants

  1. squiggleyjoop

    But I saw a video of some Irish fans cleaning up so I assumed they were all cleaning up…

      1. 15 cents

        ya cant say “Of course. The old ‘there’s no bins’ idiots lament.” without suggesting an alternative. i was there and any bins were full with rubbish growin over them. they shouldve had skips or something.

  2. rotide

    Oh fupp off, it’s like this in EVERY fanzone and most areas of cities where games take place.

    People are literally getting erections at the though of being the first to start the backlash

    1. The Real Jane

      Well I certainly don’t want to be part of any backlash and I think it’s wonderful that people are clearly having a good time and being genial and sociable, but it would be nice to see a bit more respect for the hosts, I think. In fairness, there is no call to create that sheer volume of filth for other people to clean up. It’s not right.

      It’s not being bellicose, aggressive, taunting beggars, rioting, destroying property, putting people into comas or anything appalling like that, but better than that is setting the bar pretty low. In that context, it’s not too difficult to be the best supporters.

  3. Painkiller

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some in classic Parisian attire and cleaned it up, not for the sake of cleaning…for the sake of youtube hits. The best fans in the world? …goddamn exhibitionists!

    1. Bonkers

      depends, was at the Europa League final recently and the fanzone was a public square with thousands drinking cans. No entrance gates at all

  4. Donger

    The greatest fans in the world at congratulating ourselves for being the greatest fans in the world. Fair play to us

  5. Mé Féin

    I had Google translate the article. It was about how loud and in the way the Irish were. Not a single “greatest fans in the world” comment.

    1. jack johnson

      “My daughter could not give me rides in front of my building,” Google translate

  6. Liam Knuj

    A minor point: there’s a typo in the name of the newspaper in your link. It’s called “Le Parisien”. For those who don’t read French, Lara Marlowe had an article based very closely on this piece in yesterday’s Irish Times. I’d provide a link but I’m useless at technology.

  7. 15 cents

    its grand. everythings grand. loads of fans went over, are having a great time. not harming anyone. therell always be people to shout down the positive comments. as for the article, it says the fans were noisy and got in the way .. its the euros .. a massive competition, with thousands of fans. where are they meant to go? a field? its a fuppin fanzone, steer clear if you dont wanna wade through thousands of fans. with every positive person theres one whiner.

  8. Owen

    Did France not bid for the Euros? Doe it not bring in MASSIVE money.

    France were not prepared for the Euros. This is another example of it. Let alone not having bins, but not having areas for people to go other then the middle of the streets to drink, blocking cars etc.

    They can’t expect people to all act like saints, especially not drunk people. You need to channel crows so they CAN only act respectful.

  9. Huh?

    I’m not in love with current celebration of binge drinking and I’ve seen some of the fans here being a real nuisance, endangering themselves and others. On balance though they’ve been a real example of absolute best behaviour in the joy they’ve been sharing with opposition fans. And the binmen are on strike in Paris.

    1. topsy

      I was at the Sweden game and I saw no aggressive or threatening behaviour from any of the Irish or indeed the other fans during my 3 days in Paris. it was a wonderful carnival atmosphere. The police were very pleasant to all Irish fans, laughing and joking with them. STAND UP FOR THE BOYS IN GREEN.

  10. munkifisht

    Oh come on. How much damage does an empty can on the ground do? Fup all. In terms of fans the Irish may drink a hell of a lot, but they also tend not to fight, not damage property, not act the maggot like the English and Russian fans seem to be doing at every opportunity. The amount of money spent in that area versus the cost of cleanup is a massive positive to the locals and there’s nothing there that can’t be fixed in an afternoon. I’m not suggesting that Irish fans should be littering, but if that’s we’re guilt of then it’s the least of the worries for hte French. If they’re bemoaning the fact hte bin men are on strike then maybe they might look at the cash bulging from their tills and band together to tidy the place up themselves.

  11. Jimmy Ireland

    Part and parcel of hosting a major event. O’Connell St after St. Patrick’s looks like a warzone A few hours later with plenty of man and machine power and it’s good as new. The cost of the cleanup is dwarfed by the benefits such an event has for the local economy.

    Nothing to see here.

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