17 thoughts on “Drive-By Shouting

  1. Owen O'F

    Hasn’t this social experiment run its course by now? Isn’t it time we were let in on the inside joke?

  2. Starina

    ugh how am i not surprised this guy wears a faux-leather arm band. i bet he has some sort of heavy metal belt buckle.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Speaking of which, I found out yesterday that the chap who presented art attack is in a metal band. Anyway, carry on.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Really. Google it. Band is called marseille which sounds like an 80s synth band but how and ever.


    At this stage one can only surmise that broadsheet is well aware that this leather guy is on his own special frequency & its really just a click bait for readers to court the hate & raise revenue…never again.

    1. Owen

      +1 however I like this video as we get an idea of what he drives and what the back of his parents house looks like.

      We are getting closer.

      Soon he will slip up…..

      and leather wont stop bullets.

  4. Freddie

    Nothing this halfwit does is ever even remotely funny. It’s as if he thinks no matter what he says his “mad accent” will make him hilarious.

  5. Mulder

    Cringe, plus the sporty ehh, car, not a jag or porche but the more ehh functional small runaround.
    Is this made in Cavan by any chance.
    The old, very old bad jokes are the best, for a rainy day and bad summer.
    He should try that in Dublin city ehh, for a laugh.

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