Airing Our Laundry




In Sligo town.

A repeal the 8th demonstration organised by Repeal the 8th Sligo and Speaking of IMELDA (Speaking of Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion).

Pro-choice activists ‘knicker bomb’ Sligo (Sligo Today)

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Pic: Repeal the 8th Sligo


6 thoughts on “Airing Our Laundry

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I absolutely despise the current legislation in Ireland but I still can’t help thinking those are not lucky knickers

      1. Waddy Dilson

        The C-section alone or the natural delivery is a passion killer enough without these

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    There’d be no need for abortions if women wore knickers like that, sure the lads’d loose the bugle at the sight of them.

  3. Turgenev

    Anyone looking at the result of the British referendum can see what the most obvious action is, and it’s not draping knickers around the place.
    Brexit happened mainly because the young didn’t get out to vote; they didn’t even register to vote.
    When (if) the referendum on the 8th Amendment happens, it is vital to get an army of people out to the areas with a demographic high in young people; an army armed with copies of the local voters’ register and sign-up forms for the vote, which they should help people fill out and get them down to their local authority to hand the forms in.

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