20 thoughts on “Sunday Parking

  1. ALisonT

    Perhaps the emergency services were responding to an emergency. Would you complain about a fire tender parking on a path.

  2. Waddy Dilson

    “Sergent McGrath here, …mhmm? okay … and you say he’s stabbing you right now is it? Okay, well hold on and I’ll find an appropriate place to park and sure he might have even stopped with the stabbing by then…”

  3. Mulder

    Coffee time again after a nice ramble around the town.
    Taking it easy and shrr park up anywhere ye like.

    1. Tonyc

      Sorry can’t investigate the crime as we could not get parking but sure don’t worry call Mulder he’ll sort it for you.

  4. Mulder

    Yeah well, Mulder and Scully, drive the big cars and usually make a big entrance.
    The truth is out there.

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