20 thoughts on “Anything Good In Alive?

  1. The Gawm

    Let me get this straight :

    Car parked at a 15 degree angle in car park : blur out the reg plates
    Oddball wants catholics as pets : leave phone number up for all to see.

    Baffling. Anyway, have subscribed that lad to the Party Line 1550 696969, where he will meet a lot more than just vanilla catholics.


    1. edalicious

      I reckon this is fair game considering that they are actively advertising their own phone number.

      1. rotide

        Catholics advertising in a catholic magazine specify catholics.

        What a shocking revalation.

        Well those fish in the barrel aren’t going to shoot themselves i guess.

        1. rotide

          well that went to the wrong place. Can we at least delete our own posts if we cant edit them?

  2. missred

    Slaves in the basement aside, do people really answer ads any more for someone seeking a house?

  3. dav

    I hear that the prods don’t require underfloor heating ’cause it’s sore on the cloved feet….

  4. nellyb

    I don’t get it – how is it being a catholic beneficial when buying house? Is there some mandatory secret discount on house price for Catholics? Interesting detail.

    1. Well

      I would say for 99% of catholics this isn’t an issue. But an Alive reader isnt your average Catholic .

  5. The Real Jane

    Why are they more sure of the number of rooms they need than the number of catholics needing them?

    1. Starina

      some wan planning to buy a house with her husband before he’s even proposed? or a husband plotting to kill his wife but not sure when…

  6. Mulder

    The bishop looking for a small quiet gaff for his ehh, latest squeeze.
    Of course, gardening is a must.
    Shrrr all good catholics like a bit of gardening.

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