The Easy Part Was Getting In




Ahead of Ireland ‘s referendum to join the EEC, May 10, 1972,

Via RTÉ Archives:

This article appeared in the RTÉ Guide to coincide with a radio programme “The People Will Decide”  from Joe Fahy, RTÉ’s political correspondent…

‘The People Will Decide” (RTÉ Archive)


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3 thoughts on “The Easy Part Was Getting In

  1. jimmy russell

    ireland isnt full of ignorant racists so no danger of even discussing leaving the eu here. people know that brussells have our best interests at heart and our taoiseach is able to stand up for the irish people and fight for their interests on the european stage.

  2. Truth in the News

    The economic reality is that we now owe them 6 times more than we got from them
    over the last 43 years, they only crowd who want Europe is the elite who want the
    soft jobs in Brussells, and after last Thursday’s outcome, two Unions are Kauput
    The British and the latter Modern German Reich, ironic that the former liquidated
    the latter.

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