The Irish Sun reports:

WOW air, Iceland’s low-cost airline, have announced fares from Dublin Airport to New York, via Reykjavik , Iceland, for as low as €129 one way.

The airline will begin flying to New York this winter beginning 25 November.

Flights will operate to New York, via Reykjavik Iceland, five days a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Wow! Flights from Dublin to New York from €129 one way (Irish Sun)

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13 thoughts on “Wow Much?

  1. read twice

    Wow indeed. Though I think I’d just go as far as Reykjavik; great city in a fantastic country.

    Terrific race, the Icelanders….

  2. Darragh

    Quick search. To fly to New York in December adds up to over €700 return. Aer Lingus is €450 return.

    What’s the appeal of Wow?

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      “What’s the appeal of Wow?”…

      Agreed, I wouldn’t even have it in my top ten Kate Bush singles….*

      * yes of COURSE I have a list

  3. goof

    what are the advertising regulations regarding these supposed fares? are they required to have set % of seats available at advertised fare? my hit rate on ryanair 10euro and below fares still nil after 10 years…..

  4. garthicus

    Yup, check out the cost of hand baggage, checked baggage, choosing your seat etc. Then add in 4 or 5 hours in Reykjavik and you’re probably better off just going direct with a carrier from Ireland.

    1. Murtle

      One good thing is they allow you a free extended stopover, so you can stay in Reykjavik for a few days before getting your connecting flight. But yeah, it doesn’t always work out much cheaper.

  5. Disasta

    Just looked at one, 300 euro return with 1.5 hours in Reykjavik. Sure stopping for a day might be a nice idea.

  6. Yerman

    Be careful not always cheaper considering:

    1. Not direct
    2. Loss of visa waiver
    3. Baggage is an extra 100 return
    4. Planes – not sure if they’re smaller…free meals etc.

    1. Barracuda

      There’s no effect on the ESTA visa waiver. You might not have immigration and customs pre-clearance in Iceland, but the ESTA is unaffected.

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