9 thoughts on “Contrary Mary

  1. joj

    People who go there want to experience the rustic feel of a local pub of a simpler time when they sold anything and everything
    If they actually went to a kip pub in the country where it does double as a shop, the sadness of local alcos wasting their lives would ruin it for them, they need the fake safe experience filled with high earners and posers

    1. Waddy Dilson

      hahah chips on both the shoulders,

      But yes agreed, the true country pub kip shops always also have horrible tiled floors in the shop part and with fluorescent lighting and a constant cold all year round draft, a barman more grump than man wearing a slightly stained Gay Byrne jumper, hair the colour of smoke from a hay fire and filthy fingernails, and not forgetting the late night saturday movie showing on RTE on the little box of a telly over the spirit bottles.

    2. Harry Molloy

      still an OK spot for a pint, most pubs are somewhat contrived these days I suppose

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