11 thoughts on “Wheelspin

  1. read twice

    See the Canadian flag in the background? It’s a timelapse recording. Either a fake, or it’s very very very slow…

    Even if it’s fake, it’s a very cool concept design!

    1. Cheech

      I’m fairly certain it’s real, but it’s very slow. Like, glacial.

      Even so, no concept reaches perfection on its first iteration. Mr. Liddiard will no doubt improve on the design!

      Neat :D

    1. ____

      Don’t see why not, they’d have terrible grip on a road though.

      We won’t see them on cars unless he solves the grip issue, but they look like they’d be useful for some kind of industrial machinery or the like.

    1. Paul

      I was thinking he probably picked the crappiest old car he could find because the tyres lead to crashes!

      The video is sped up though, which means it must be really slow. Cool idea though.

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