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  1. Walter-Ego

    That Chairman of the water commission Joe O’Toole is a disgrace. He is supposed to examine every side without prejudice. Talk about biased. He should resign immediately.

  2. Truth in the News

    If the comments in the Irish Examiner attributed to Mr Joe O’Toole are accurate
    then its time Mr O’Toole considered his position and those who put there, there’s
    too, is this the same Joe O’Toole that a pay increase was like driving up to an ATM and collecting, and has he any connections to a family connection that had a lucarative land deal with the Government in County Dublin some years ago to contruct a jail, and has him self employed at any stage any immediate family member to provide secretrial services whilst he was member of Senate.
    Is Mr O’Toole in receipt of an Oireachtas Pension whilst he chairs this body
    Yes indeed he may be right…. there may “buckets of money around”….but is
    whose back pocket…..?

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Oops! The cat is now truly out of the bag, and the sham further exposed. Both FF and FG were happy to “defer” water and other charges to facilitate their desperate search for “legal” means to force payment, and everybody knew it. This is also necessary to stymie all protest at the privatisation of essential services. FF again exposed as utter snakes in the grass, promising one thing to get elected, and renegeing immediately afterwards. FG everyone knows about.

      1. some old queen

        Bizarre statement from O’Toole. Rants on about ‘polluter pays’ and absolutely no mention of how the network upgrade is to be funded. In one swipe he has brought the credibility of the commission into question because the terms of reference were to examine ALL the options. It is now fairly clear what the findings are going to be before it even gets going.

        Have these people learned nothing?

  3. some old queen

    It really is all kicking off in Britain.

    Johnson fires a few side kicks, May threatens to deport new EU immigrants and Osborne wants to cut corporation tax. Of course they can actually do that post Brexit.

    Corbyn hangs on in there against the Blairites, which is a civil war all of its own.

      1. some old queen

        Maybe that is what Osborne means, to cut the tax before they leave in order to make Britain more attractive to investment. There is bound to be a flight of capital once they leave.

  4. Concerned Commuter

    Does the lotto bounty for the bus drivers mean that the Luas drivers will now look for a €1m plus tax free bonus this year? Is my Luas fare about to rocket?

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