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The latest video from Paralympics Ireland.

For their More Than Sport campaign, featuring Paralympic shooter, Seán Baldwin, who says:

“The day that changed everything for me – November 27th, 2003 – was the day that I became an above the knee amputee. I lost my leg while I was serving with the Irish Defence Forces and when I got to hospital after the accident, I remember being told lots of bad news – the first of this was that I only had a few hours to live! Thankfully, I’m still here though.

“Later, after I had woken up from an induced coma, I realised how bad my injuries were – the most obvious of these was that l had lost my right leg from above the knee. When I woke up and realised what had happened to me, I found it very hard to find a bright side, but that didn’t stop me from looking.

Sport has helped me every step of the way since. It took me two years after the accident to take up shooting, but I set it as one of my goals and I achieved it. If I can inspire a generation – or even just one person – to take up a sport and follow what they love, then I have done my job. That’s more than sport to me.”

The Irish team for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will be officially announced tomorrow.

Paralympics Ireland

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  1. Mark Dennehy

    Lost his leg, got *completely* mangled to a scary extent, was back shooting on the line in an air rifle match less than a year later. It was pretty damned impressive to see.

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