You May Like This: Heathers


Photo: Ruth Medjber

Heathersrelease new single Call Home

What you may need to know…

01. Twins Ellie and Louise MacNamara (by their powers combined) are alternative/folk duo Heathers.

02. A well-travelled and seasoned outfit, they’ve trod stages worldwide, from touring Ireland with math-rockers Adebisi Shank, to the festival grind, to performing at JJ Abrams’ pre-Oscars party after the latter and his daughter became fans.

03. Streaming above is the video for new single Call Home, directed by Crooked Gentlemen.

04. Also available for download from iTunes, and streaming on Spotify.

Verdict: An opening up of Heathers’ sound, taking the duo’s strong knack for harmonies in a more polished direction.


Pic: Ruth Medjber

3 thoughts on “You May Like This: Heathers

  1. Rainy Day

    Disappointing …..over produced, their vocals are hidden behind layers of studio nonsense, sounds like a bad Samantha Mumba track. If they performed this with just an acoustic guitar and vocals it would be twenty times better. They have some great tunes and I think they can be really good but they need to sack the producer on this one.

    1. rory

      I agree with Rainy Day. Except for the part about sacking the producer (i’d have difficulty saying that without taking a closer look first.)

      I saw Adebisi Shank play this tiny space in Tralee one time. The back of The Greyhound Bar. As part of a night called Club Head Bang Bang. (The organizers were largely responsible for any decent music that came into Tralee at the time, so very very grateful to those lads and ladies.) Anyway, Adebisi Shank were very good live.

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