For Your Consideration: Signs Of The Times



‘Signs of the Times’.

Co-producer Natasha Duffy writes:

In a post Brexit Europe, this short documentary looks at the lives of non nationals living in Ireland making their way as ‘human directionals’ on the streets of Dublin.
We meet Houston, Sandip and Felipe. As they go about their daily routine on Grafton Street the once faceless silhouettes become warm characters; generously sharing stories of family, encounters with strangers and their future plans.

Directed by Stephen Rogers

Featuring Felipe Medeiros, Sandip Babubhai Patel, Houston Mathrews Phiri.

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5 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Signs Of The Times

  1. Eoin

    Yeah. That pesky Brexit…..erm….
    Human sign post is not an appropriate job for a person with all their wits intact. I wish there was something better here. Ireland just isn’t great at sustaining life.

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