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    1. Ricky Ricardo

      I’m guessing so (or hoping so)? I can’t imagine any manager would want to interview that many people. Has to be a joke, right?

  1. Mulder

    Seriously, presume for a job as an ordinary worker, not a manager or whatever.
    The green shoots as Enda often says are ehh, where.

  2. DubLoony

    There’s plenty of help wanted signs around city centre at the moment. not sure what the attraction was at this particular venue

  3. Shayna

    There seems to be a lot of people on the left hand side of the street? I remember, years ago, I was in a city centre and I remarked to myself (as I often do, in my own company),that there seems to be a lot of people on the right hand side of the street?

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        I know what the Sheik means.

        Hey, Shakey…
        I never expected to still be able to bother you even when I’m not here.
        I’m going out for a drink to celebrate, but I shall return…sometime…

        1. Shayna

          Hey, Upside-down-name guy. So, we meet again? (so to speak). I do hope that when you return from your drink, you’ll offer up a line or two of your enchanting poetry?

        2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          I’m back now, like I never left, like as if I was always here, but more drunk.

          I was watching the pub in the football, but ALL the girls who were coming on to me were too young, so I said I was going to the jacks and slipped out the back door without saying ‘good-bye’.

          I hope your night went better.

          1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            Shayna…you have discovered my weakness…
            I’m confused now…

            I want to compose a witty limerick…I really do…
            But you suggested that I should so I shan’t.

            I refuse to do anything that I think I’ve been told to do.
            Get it?
            Got it?

            I’m sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq, and I take my instructions from nobody.
            (I still want to write a limerick though…let me check what this thread is about…I’ll get back to you, yeah?)

            *Inspired by Business Mouse…http://tinyurl.com/jajjpcb or something…I don’t facking care you cnut….
            -Where’s my machine-gun?’

          2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            ‘watching the pub in the football’ is shorthand for exactly what it sounds like..
            I watch the people, not the telly.

            Stop messing.
            One of these days you’ll upset me.
            Click mi name, likkle bwoy…test we……

  4. K

    Passed the queue earlier, the sign on the door said “Open Interviews: Chopped”.

    The crowd, was indeed, massive.

  5. Dhaughton99

    I walk Grafton st every morning for the past 8 years and never realised that there’s a londis or “centra” on the street.

      1. mauriac

        you do realise that Dublin is a terrible excuse for a modern city don’t you ? I’d say quality of life on average is far superior in Longford or Bratislava.

  6. Mulder

    Maybe there be a special, special discount 90% off end of season or the world as we know it knock down sale on.

  7. Diddy

    The “developing ” world is on the move to the small parts of the world where a living can be made. US Western Europe Australia. Worsening wealth inequality isn’t just local but global. Expect to see massive emigration here in the next 20 years

  8. Spaghetti Hoop

    Students. Fast buck. Word spread. Does not reflect economic health of nation.

    1. Waddy Dilson

      If only the others here weren’t so thick!
      It’s clearly students applying for student jobs, I don’t see any accountants with their ties drooped to their third opened shirt button, three day beard growth, hair a mess on the brink of mental brekdown just trying to make sure they get the mortgage payment in this month – So yeah, the picture is no indication of economic health

      1. Harry Molloy

        it did remind me of when I came back to Ireland in 2010 and read an article about 250 people applying for an job in a chipper in Ennis, amongst them accountants and solicitors.
        Couldn’t picture that now which shows we have recovered by lot

        1. ,Anomanomanom

          So because only the little people, students or not, have to stand in lines for a job that means it’s okay.

        2. Waddy Dilson

          That’s precisely the story I was aiming to conjure with the image of the accountant in my post
          I know for a fact that the market is different now, it’s back to a job seekers market where more demands can be made by the interviewee.

      2. Waddy Dilson

        To add to this – what does show a picture of our economic health is the current jobs market. One need only pop onto jobs.ie, irishjobs.ie, jobs ireland, intreo – the jobs market is absolutely saturated right now.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          What is interesting is that so many people are still unemployable; either they’ve been on the dole for so long that they can’t contemplate life without it or they won’t get out of bed for less than 60K.

          1. Waddy Dilson

            This is unfortunately a massive problem, there’s a certain inertia among a large number of people who haven’t been employed for the last number of years. THe jobs are there but the pool of candidates hasn’t grown. I’m not sure where the failing is in the system that caused this but it really shouldn’t be the case.

  9. Buckfastmonkey

    I worked nights in the spar on O’Connell street in the late nineties . I could write a book about it , quite the eye-opener . One night I found a junkie sitting on the floor at the back of the shop who was halfway through eating a pack of firelighters , cardboard and all. Interesting times.

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