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The Cinemobile arriving at the Guth Gafa International Festival at Headfort House in Kells, Co Meath last year..


Restless movie theatre Cinemobile Ireland announced yesterday that it is go off the road due to lack of funding..

The truck was to travel to Headfort House in Kells, Co Meath for the tenth anniversary of  the Guth Gafa International documentary Film Festival next month.

Cinemobile Ireland was one of largest recipients of Millenium Project Funding  with a
£500,000 grant.

Anita Guidera of Guth Gafa, writes:

The mobile cinema was provisionally reserved as far back as last November and the booking confirmed in March of this year.

Guth Gafa received no advance notice before last weekend that the Cinemobile was in financial difficulty or about to cease trading.

We have been left in a really difficult situation. Guth Gafa gets underway on August 3 and will screen over 60 documentary films from all over the world and host visiting filmmakers from as far away as Australia and Canada.

If we can’t come to some arrangement, we will have just three weeks to build a 100-seater flagship venue that will do justice to the work of these filmmakers.”

Guth Gafa International Documentary Festival

Cinemamobile to Close [IFTN]

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13 thoughts on “Drive Through

      1. rotide

        In fairness to FF, they’ve more than proved themselves with regards to the arts.

        Crooks they might be, but they’re good in that dept.

        1. bisted

          …Charlie was the only politician ever to to do anything material for the Arts…Squee talked about it but now we have Heather Chopsticks…wtf

          1. Steph Pinker

            I will admit to one good thing about Haughey; in 1992 he set up the Discovery Programme and the first area chosen for study was the Tara/ Skyrne Valley area; notwithstanding this, in May 2005, the FF Minister for the Environment, Dick Roche, gave directions to build the M3 Motorway [and ignored our archaeology, history, culture and heritage] under the National Monuments Act 2004 for the excavation and removal of 38 sites which had been discovered through test trenching. He went against the advice of the director of the National Museum, academics from around the world and Michael D. Higgins. FF are nothing more than philistines who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    1. Anita Guidera

      Ha, if only! We’re actually having a VR cinema at the festival-a first for any Irish film festival- but the budget can only stretch to eight headsets! And we’ll be crowdfunding to pay for that!

      1. Ronan

        Serious suggestion. The Lexicon in Dun Laoghaire has a magnificent 100 seater theatre with fantastic AV facilities. I know it’s quite a move from your original venue but as a one off rather than cancel it might work, and it’s quite the venue if they could squeeze you in… They are great to deal with there too – have first hand experience of that.

        1. Anita Guidera

          Thanks for the suggestion, Ronan, I know that venue and agree with you that’s it a great facility. The thing is though, that the Cinemobile is only about one third of Guth Gafa’s infrastructure. We’re showing over 60 films over four days so to do that we will build two other high spec cinemas from scratch- one large one in the amazing Adam Room at Headfort House and a smaller one in the old Heritage Centre in Kells. We also use a cosy little theatre on the grounds of Headfort House. The Cinemobile on site completed the picture. The atmosphere is enhanced by all the cinemas being on site or as near to site as possible so we’re scouting around for something close-by that we can convert!

  1. Ben

    There was a mobile cinema in Leitrim which operated for about ten years, visiting many villages and towns. Many films were selected for viewing by children and teachers were encouraged to bring their classes. Some film festivals were held in different localities. That was ok during the boom years but after the bust funds dried up and the mobile cinema was sold. It was a great facility while it lasted. I suppose insurance and salary were a huge combined overhead.

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