You May Like This: I Am the Cosmos



I Am the Cosmosnew single and launch gig this weekend

01. Ross Turner and Cian Murphy are Dublin electronic duo I Am the Cosmos.

02. 2013’s debut album Monochrome was an impressive statement of intent, and made off with Nialler9’s Album of the Year. They’ve kept appearances scarce since, but have signed a publishing deal with magnates Faber Music.

03. Streaming above is the band’s new single Letting It Go, released earlier this month via Happy Valley Records digitally and on 7″.

04. Launch show goes down tomorrow night at the Bello Bar in Dublin. Support from Padraig Moore and a DJ set from the good folk behind culture blog/collective This Greedy Pig. A tenner in, tickets available here.

Verdict: Minimal, yet spacey electronica with a stern-faced, almost post-punk sensibility.

I Am the Cosmos

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21 thoughts on “You May Like This: I Am the Cosmos

          1. Anne

            Thanks.. I slagged off Karl before for the tight suits.. it might be him.

            Say it to Bodger..

      1. Anne

        You go on a naughty list.. and your comments are reviewed first.
        The like the girls to be nice. The fellas can get away with murder.

          1. Anne

            Oh I don’t mind them moderating comments, changing naughty words to poopy and silly billy, or deleting stuff.. but all my comments are withheld for some reason, since the Soc Dec Frilly thread..

            Was I particularly harsh there or something? I got a reply moronic from one commenter.. who I presume is not in moderation.

            I get this now –
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          2. Bodger

            Anne, you’re not being moderated at all.. It’s a site-wide issue. We’re dealing with it now. Very sorry

    1. parky mark

      Yeah, me too.

      Can we just put a complete ban on Anne making any comments from now on?

  1. some old queen

    Lad I hope you read this. It is constructive criticism.

    There are two ways of writing a dance track. I spent a couple of years at it myself. One is to start at percussion and then layer synths or samples which is fine but usually doesn’t produce a strong medley. This is classic beats up which leaves a singer doing the audio equivalent of picking their nose.

    The other is to write a song. Good medley and chord changes then shift it into the 4*4 beat. IMO a couple of the London Grammar mixes are way better than the originals and knock spots off nearly everything else in a mix, and I listen to a lot of them.

    Exhibit A: Rae Morris by Clean Bandit. Not your genre but makes the point.

    1. LiamZero

      You obviously haven’t seen these guys live or heard their album Monochrome. If you had, you’d realise they really don’t require your constructive criticism.

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