A Turkey Shoot





Five of the suspected coup members at a police station in Ankara, Turkey

The footage was allegedly filmed at a police station in Ankara where the men are being held in custody before they appear in court later today.

The release of the video comes after an EU official suggested the swift rounding up of nearly 3,000 judges and military officials after the failed coup in Turkey suggests the government had a list of names prepared beforehand.

EU claims list of 3,000 arrested Erdogan enemies was drawn up BEFORE the uprising (Mail Online)

Erdogan Purges 8,000 Cops As Europe Voices Concern Coup Was Staged With “Prepared Arrest Lists” (Zero hedge)

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35 thoughts on “A Turkey Shoot

  1. Eoin

    Some rebel F16 pilots had a chance to shoot Erdogans plane down while he was in the air and did not. Why? Looks more and more staged unfortunately.

    1. dav

      Erdogan, doesn’t want eu membership, he’d be answerable to president merkle if they got it.

  2. perricrisptayto

    A very dangerous man is Erdogan.
    Merkel and co need to WTFU before this lunatic causes WW3.

    1. nellyb

      Ah no, that’s finger wagging for optics. Turkey is a real G[eopolitical]-spot for NATO. Erdogan has less value for NATO than the country he’s (still) president of.

    2. DubLoony

      Not going to happen. The US use their bases for sorties over Iraq & general neighbourhood.

    1. De Kloot

      That’s some extra special Daily Mail level of stupidity you’ve got going on there….

  3. Kolmo

    A desire to improve relations with their near neighbours, Russia, or exist from the Petro-Dollar system (Libya), or distribute a countries resources in a more equitable manner (all of the Americas south of Texas) tends to cause ‘spontaneous’ coups all over the world, since about 1945…Erdogan seems like a highly dangerous man on the face of it regardless of the motivations behind the coup

  4. Caroline

    Hmm. This doesn’t make any sense. Thanks to internet conspiracy truthers, we now know that governments/extra-governmental forces are responsible for most if not all terrorist attacks on civilians throughout the Western world. That’s what they’re capable of. So the idea that a government would stage a coup (all coups are staged, it’s confusing) so cack-handedly that its ulterior power grab motive would be obvious even to the sclerotic EU… it’s laughable.

    Someone wants us to believe Erdogan staged this coup. Qui, bono? No, not him but definitely someone. WAKE UP.

    1. phil

      I have no idea, but It is possible… governments dont have to attack themselves , they just stand by and do nothing when a small cell of diffracted locals launch an attack , and then implement their plan to ‘put down’ the coup

      1. Caroline

        Fine, but that’s political opportunism, which is exactly what everyone immediately predicated would be Erdogan’s reaction. It’s qualitatively different to planning the precipitating event.

    2. kurtz

      That’s some meta-level conspiracy theory right there.

      It was obviously staged, because it is so obvious. The Turkish Intelligence service could have easily persuaded many of these commanders through infiltration and misinformation that a coup would have been supported by many more officers than it was, that it would be the entire military being mobilised rather than a relative handful. The anti-Erdogan officers therefore put their heads above the parapet and are easily purged, meanwhile the troops on the ground where only following orders.

      This is the same Turkish Intelligence that is devoutly loyal to Erdogan, and is hugely responsible for both arming and training ISIS to fight both against Assad and the Kurds.

  5. Peter81

    I would think it was staged if it wasn’t for that hilarious Facetime dressing down that Erdogan gave on live TV. That must have been humiliating.

  6. Junkface

    No way should Turkey be allowed into EU. They are an authoritarian state with thousands of journalists jailed for no good reason. And they have a very reactionary, violent culture, everything turns into a mass brawl or else one person being torn apart by a blood thirsty mob. Also their president is going to torture the hell out of all involed in the coup, and probably their familes too

  7. Tish Mahorey

    If you’d followed Erdogan’s actions since election you’d know he’s a dangerous man.

  8. Mulder

    No surprise to hear hat Turkeys talk with Eu, on joining are according to officals progressing but very slowly.
    Getting slower and slower and.

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