Anything Good In The Economist?


Well he does know his bullpoo, in fairness

We get it.

No need for the language.

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12 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Economist?

  1. Mulder

    If Enda was an economist, what would he do.
    Do as he is doing, do nothing and hope for the best or short of that hope for a miracle as he is very religious.
    Divine intervention.

  2. Eoin

    Gas. So every inept policy that results in an economic contraction of some sort can now be blamed on Brexit. It’s like incompetence did not exist in the Eurozone before Brexit.

  3. Mulder

    In fact that be a good point, the government can now blame brexit for all the problems, whereas before it was irish water.
    Or maybe blame both.
    Some lateral thinking by the ehh, advisors.

  4. classter

    The ‘barmy GDP statistics’ comment is a bit snide.

    Nobody is suggesting that the CSO have done them badly.

    It’s just that GDP figures are of limited use with our economy.

    1. Kieran NYC


      Krugman was completely out of line with his tabloid ‘leprechaun economics’ comment.

  5. shane

    No, Noonan was responsible for the leprechan economics, not Krugman. There was an opportunity to not whore ourselves cheaply to the accountancy firms that make the money out of the inverse take overs, but instead Noonan decided that the tart should keep shaking those hips of hers.

    The 12.5% corporation tax has feck all to do with the inverse takeovers that inflated the GDP, those financial events are operating on an effective tax rate that is much lower. Despite the fact that it antagonises our gallant allies abroad in Europe and the United States, and regardless of the fact that they create no jobs, and no tax revenue for the state.

    When the US senate rightly called us a tax haven, after the Apple our knob goblins were so incompetent that they didn’t even have someone from fenian affairs in the room to hear what was being said.

    Meanwhile the OECD has been developing the Base-Erosion and Profit Shifting action plan, specifically to target the kind of strokes that we have been allowing the yanks to pull, and instead of getting our house in order, Noonan decided that we squeeze every last drop before they take the toys away from us.

    Our cute hoors are not as cute as they think they are, these games have blown out our GDP, and that will have real costs in terms of how much we have to contribute to the EU budget, while at the same time having no actual economic benefit to the country. The inflated GDP figure isn’t a quirk of Irish exceptionalism, it is a consequence of us trading our hole, and cheaply at that.

    There’s a phrase that Noonan likes to use about the kind of guy who rides another man’s wife, “he does be ating the neighbours grass from under the fence” that’s what we’ve been up to, don’t delude yerselves

    1. Caroline

      Excellent aggressively sexual imagery there, really rams home the point. Let me have a go. I guess you could say our government flashed their tits but it was us who got raped. Or, you could say Noonan put his hand up our collective skirt and squeezed our ass. Now it’s 3am and the lights have come up, and we’re still getting fingered by the faceless corporations. And when the EU demands to know why we shouldn’t cough up extra in the next budget, we won’t be able to answer – because of the massive financial penis that’s been shoved down our throats.

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