The Drama Section


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Behold: the El Ateno Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires, a former theatre founded in 1919, coverted into a cinema during the 1920s and finally an incredibly beautiful bookstore in 2008.

With 734 booksellers, the city is the bookstore capital of the world and this one gets about a million visitors a year.


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13 thoughts on “The Drama Section

    1. Rainy Day

      It is a beautiful city alright…..just a pity about the homelessness and petty crime (way worse than here before you start to compare)….

      1. Yep

        Ah i just mean if i were ever to visit i think i would love to see a live performance rather than browse books. Don’t build em like that anymore etc. Beautifull as is no doubt.

  1. Mulder

    Fantastic building, great that so many are buying and reading books, which one hopes why they are buying then.
    However is Argentina still bankrupt.

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