Beam A Long Time



Risky Business by Mick Cassidy

Paul Ryan writes:

To boldly go where no Irish artist has gone before… or have they? A good friend [Dubliner Mick Cassidy, currently a character designer for Family Guy] has been selected to showcase his talents at the Star Trek, 50 Artists, 50 Years exhibition in the US, and I thought it deserved a bit of recognition this side of the Atlantic.

Episodes, anyone?

50 Artists, 50 Years – Mick Cassidy (Star Trek)

Thanks Kieran NYC

4 thoughts on “Beam A Long Time

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      Second panel, top row is Devil in the Dark

      First Panel, second row is The Cage/The Menagerie, fourth panel on the same row is The City on the Edge of Forever.

      The double-wide panel on the third row is The Doomday Machine, I think the second one is The Apple, and the last panel there is The Gamesters of Triskelion.

      On the last row the third is The Enterprise incident.

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