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The surreal paintings of self-taught Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono: themes of solitude and loss inspired by 90s pop culture and 19th century realism.To wit:

Piece of September (pic 3) is a tribute to his brother who passed away in 2011, with family members symbolized by figures sitting at a table eating a live crocodile. Roby represents himself as a gloomy rabbit, his mother as a three-headed girl, his father as a figure with a crab claw head and his deceased brother as a suited figure with a lily for a head symbolizing purity, simplicity and spirituality.


7 thoughts on “Go Ask Alice

  1. Junkface

    This is Fantastic Art! I’d better check out Marc Ryden I suppose. As always with Art, there’s someone somewhere else who came up with a similar idea first. Who was before Marc Ryden?

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