For Your Consideration: Before You Push The Chair



Before You Push The Chair.

By Stephen Murphy, who writes:

The truth of it is that I’ve spent a large part of the past 20 years bitten by the black dog, but I think more people have than will ever let on, but much of the time is spent ‘keeping the best side out’. The days of either being mad or sane are thankfully over, & if we sat down for a chat we’d probably find that we’re only as mad as each other.

I don’t expect many people to watch this to be honest, nor does it matter one way or another. My only hope is that it might find its way to somebody in the darkness, and possibly bring them some bit of light along the way.

Thanks Dublin Says No

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10 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Before You Push The Chair

  1. essexhian

    Very interesting. Wise words. Would be best recorded without cooking going on in the background. Rather distracting. :)

  2. Jen

    I heard you reciting this on radio this morning and was really touched by it. It was wonderful to hear such an eloquent expression of how so many people feel, including myself. I’ve told others about it and hope they take the time to drink from the well.

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