Il Est Parmi Nous



Bonjour you.





Stop that.

This afternoon.

President Hollande with Sabina Higgins and president Higgins at ther Aras, Phoenix park, Dublin.

Mucky frog.


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14 thoughts on “Il Est Parmi Nous

    1. dav

      he was over in germany to meekly submit himself to merkle already – she won’t lower herself to visit a land full of serfs

  1. The Real Jane

    Why do none of them have their suits tailored to fit?

    What I will say for Teresa May is that she’s a good dresser in clothes that fit. If I see one more vented jacket flapping over an overly well upholstered political bottom, one more button that can take the strain no longer, I will be very cross.

  2. Maria

    Give Hollande a hurley to hit that plonker over the head. Might do a better job than Sarkozy

  3. Elizabeth mainwaring

    I only see our beloved Taoiseach in the photo so, as our au pair Danielle, would say technically he is “entre nous”.

  4. Mulder

    Hollande greets Enda, bonjour head, what ye doing, yeah, whatever.
    Saying to Sabina Higgins, you are a very sexy lady but i do not have very much time, otherwise, i would gladly oblige.
    I know it must be very frustrating for you, he is very small, your husband.
    Until next time.

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