12 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. hmmm

      Noticed The Guardian and their ilk were steering clear of using words like “suicide bomb” and “Islamist”, front pages are unusually quiet regarding the multiple terrorism incidents in Germany, they’re usually quite happy to run with a big story like that for a week unless of course it involves facing the problem of Islamic terrorism

  1. Jonner

    No time spent on religion in the classroom would be a better result.
    Civil servants driving personal agendas and a government without balls debating the delivery of half a result.

  2. The Real Jane

    I see the Irish Times is still going for the “rape is a crime of passion” argument with their investigation into why a young man would rape an old woman – ugh! Like no way!

  3. martco

    delighted to see VW finally gonna have to do a bit more than write a “sorry about that” letter to the customers they duped/defrauded/cheated…

  4. jimmy russell

    Ugh who cares what their nationality or religion is could we just not for once? Look its over now can we just put it behind us? It’s not like Christianity never did anything bad look at the crusades and Spanish exposition terrorism has no religion ugh its over now just drop it please.

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