Free Sunday?



This Sunday at 2.30pm.

At the Beatyard Festival in Dún Laoghaire Harbour.

A This is Banter discussion, entitled:  Better together: are Irish publications ignoring their readers? will be presented by Dublin Inquirer.

This is Banter writes:

Publications are finding new ways to use technologies to work with their readers — through collaborative projects, by asking them what they want journalists to cover, by realising that they can be allies in story-telling.

But how well are journalists and publishers in Ireland engaging their readers? How do both sides see the relationship? And could harnessing the opportunities that new technologies offer help to foster a new era of public-interest journalism in Ireland?

A discussion with award-winning investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty, Dublin Inquirer managing editor Lois Kapila, DCU School of Communications PhD researcher and Institute for Future Media and Journalism member Niamh Kirk and Banter producer and Irish Times writer Jim Carroll.

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Banter at the Beatyard (This is Banter)

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9 thoughts on “Free Sunday?

  1. Billy Kremlin

    Can’t believe they are going ahead with this after last year’s shambles. Bodytonics last ditch effort to seem hip.
    Weather will be crap, sound will be crap, vibe will be CRAP and no one at all will be even listening to this. which is a shame as it looks great.

    BT will do or say whatever it takes to get the punters in.

    1. Billy Kremlin

      I should say though that the lineup is great. Which is a shame though as it’s the only time they will play here this year though.

    2. missred

      What was so shambolic about last year? Genuine question (also, going on Sat for the first time)

      1. hmmm

        Heard nothing but good things about last year personally so i think its just a disgruntled t**t spouting BS, really looking forward to it

      2. Billy Kremlin

        Sound was awful, zero vibe… your very much aware your in a concrete pier (without the nice view) and over priced and sterile.

        1. Billy Kremlin

          Genuinely hope you enjoy it by the way.

          I just feel they are charging for the festival experience without actually delivering it whatsoever. anyways enjoy it. Maybe your not as moany as me :)

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