An Early Drink


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This afternoon.

On the River Liffey by the Seán O’Casey bridge.

Leah Farrell writes:

A boat turns over as swimmers jump into the River Liffey, while they launched the 97th Dublin City Liffey Swim at North Wall Quay in Dublin today. The 97th Dublin City Liffey Swim takes place on Saturday (August 6), at Rory O’Moore Bridge, beside the Guinness Brewery, Dublin 8.

The men’s race begins at 1.30pm and the women’s race at 2.30pm. More than 400 swimmers will take part in this year’s race. The Dublin City Liffey Swim is organised by Leinster Open Sea, a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, and is sponsored by Dublin City Council.


12 thoughts on “An Early Drink

  1. Mulder

    Yeah, when in Dublin do what the dubs do, drink early and often.
    Then go for a bit of a swim.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I didn’t realise that kind of idiocy was restricted to Dublin.

      It seems that you’re just trying to get some sort of snide dig in at Dublin, really.

  2. Mulder

    Well think Dublin is considered by many to be Ireland, sorry Cork and Galway.
    Belfast is in a different state but still on the same island.
    Ehh irish politics and history.

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