Did You Find My Bag In Your Dublin Bike?



Laura writes:

At around 9pm this evening, I (stupidly) left my black Michael Kors bag (as above) in the basket of a Dublin Bike on Barrow Street [Dublin 4[. I hopped off and made a phone call, walked about 50 meters before turning and legging it back – but the bag was gone, nowhere to be seen.
It has a lot of personal items in it, my wallet, cards, keys, sunglasses etc…if anyone had any information on this or saw anything I would really really appreciate hearing from them.


UPDATE: Bag returned (see comments).


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27 thoughts on “Did You Find My Bag In Your Dublin Bike?

  1. GMM

    Contact dublin bikes. If the bike was taken they will know who took the bike out after you returned it. I’ve had property returned before when left on a DB this way.

    1. Guy Bague

      What? They stole the bike as a getaway vehicle? The bag will be dumped. Its the contents they wanted to rifle through. Check around the streets.

        1. well, tat's that

          Fear not, there’s plenty of Child Labour-made poor quality Michael Kors bags to be snapped up to replace this one. I’m not insinuating the bag of the subject is make, but real Michael Kors bags are the biggest slap in the face to actual designer accessories of this decade. Their the Guess bags that just won’t go away.

  2. Ronan

    Not a prayer, I know someone who had a tablet lifted in 60 seconds from the basket of a Dublin bike. He went to the Gardaí because he needed a report, having lost a work device, and was told that there’s often people watching the stands for people forgetting bags etc.

    Why snatch bags and risk a thump when someone might just leave one lying around for 30 seconds? (In one of a few predictable designated places)

    1. Donger

      “Hey lads, what’ll we do today?”

      “How about sitting around near a dublin bike stand and waiting for someone to forget their belongings. Then we swoop and they become our belongings. We can rob a few bikes on the way which can be our getaway vehicles”

  3. Jonjo

    I presume you left the bike back to a bike station? When you ran back was it just the bag that was missing or was the bike rented again?

  4. Laura

    UPDATE: My bag was returned to me safe and sound with all the contents this morning by very kind hearted man by the name of Umba! My faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers has been restored! Thanks for all your replies and suggestions!


  5. Tish Mahorey

    Barrow Street. Michael Kors. Dublin Bike. Posts on Broadsheet.

    *Prejudices activated*

  6. Shirashci

    We are three ladies on the way to a spa weekend, we have just read your message with great concern and disgust!
    What is the world coming to, when one is unable to leave their suitcase, I mean handbag, in the basket of a bicycle!!
    We wish you luck in your future biking endeavors and hope such incident will never be repeated. ✌️

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