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A recently aired segment of Turkish TV channel ATV’s Ana Haber news programme, a reporter reads from a notebook of ‘secret codes’ allegedly found in the trash of Gülenists and used in the anti-Erdogan coup.

They’re Grand Theft Auto IV cheat codes.





Above from left: Liam van Der Spek, Grace Williams and Dearbhla Quinn all from Labour Youth

This afternoon.

Turkish Embassy, Raglan Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Members of Labour Youth deliver a letter of protest against the detention of 13 CHP Youth activists in Turkey this week. The arrests came two weeks after the purported coup against Turkish president Erdogan

CHP Youth are the youth wing of the secularist Republican People’s Party Republican People’s Party, who are the Labours sister party in Turkey.


17 thoughts on “Coup Coup

  1. Friscondo

    Cheating at GTA, now that’s truly despicable. All those arrests and sackings can now be put in to perspective. Seems Erdogan wasn’t overreacting after all.

        1. Pish Mahorey

          You going to credit Bill Hicks for that line or just pass it off as your own? Like the Friends ‘validate me’ line from before?

          Yeah. Just rob it. Sure the eejits on here are too thick to cop hah?

          Prince of the Spoofers.

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