Pinched From The Shed




Andy Byrne writes:

I know you don’t usually partake in things like this, but my wife’s bike appears to have been stolen sometime last night from the shed. It was, and likely still is, a silver Specialized commuting bike (as above) and has mudguards and a back rack. It was savagely taken from Artane [Dublin 5]. Any help in getting it returned is appreciated :)

17 thoughts on “Pinched From The Shed

  1. dav

    I believe that, the bike was stolen “to order” and is probably on the way to the UK by now

  2. JFM

    Who is the bigger scumbag – the person who robs the bike or the person who buys it knowing that it was robbed?

      1. pedeyw

        Kind of chicken and egg situation. I would consider anyone who knowingly buys a stolen bike a scumbag.

  3. petey

    “I know you don’t usually partake in things like this”

    actually you do this all the time.
    which is a good thing, mind.

  4. Shayna

    The, “I know you don’t normally do this” in regard to stolen bikes – it does beg the question, where are they all going? I wonder if (as JFM pointed out – knowingly buying a stolen bike) your stolen bike that you’ve just bought was in turn, stolen – there’s no recourse, or sympathy – you’d feel pretty stupid?

  5. Turgenev

    A lot of tykes on nice bikes. We really need a serial number register that is actually used by the majority of bike owners, and we need the Gardaí to do what they used to do, and stop people at random and ask them to turn their bike upside down and show the serial number.

    In fact, a trans-Europe effort to wipe out bicycle theft would be a great initiative. It’s a particularly nasty, mean crime, since few bicycle owners are super-rich. And it’s also the crime that introduces young lads to the idea that taking the stuff other people have worked hard to get is easy and rewarding.

  6. Shayna

    “A lot of tykes on nice bikes!” – Yes, I enjoy the slogan, however – the solution? An in-built GPS tracking device in the frame for expensive new bikes. I left my bike, attached to a lamp post in Wardour Street, London for two days, it was still there when I came to retrieve it. An old BSA Racer – 28″ Yellow frame. I kinda loved it, but no-one wanted to steal it?

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