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Paul Williams tweetz:

This cropped up outside my window [on the corner of Lennox St/Warren St in Portobello, Dublin 8] in the last two weeks… do your readers have any ideas?

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38 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

          1. Cot

            East and South East D8. Fumbally Lane to Portobello. It’s hipster central there. And they’re breeding…..

  1. Paschlor

    Possibly a noise and pollution detector (the black mike bit). The white box is most likely the battery because of a lack of power sources. It could be an idea to contact the local county council to see whats up though…

  2. Conski

    Noise monitoring in the area. There may be scheduled large development int he area and they’d have to prescribe to keeping the noise down and may need either a base level to work off or are using this to monitor db levels to keep the pesky local complaints in check with some science.
    May also have something to do with recent noisy sex complaints in the area…

    1. Barry

      They’re considering making the whole area a 30km speed limit zone, so they’re monitoring the noise levels for that.

    2. RuilleBuille

      The Israeli Embassy is building its new bunker under the guise of the Jewish Museum around the corner in Walworth Street.

    1. Talismania!

      +1 for the gunfire locator. Who says the government is doing nothing about gangland violence?

      1. Talismania!

        Although a more reasonable guess would be an EM2010 Wireless Environmental Noise Monitor with, of course, the pole mount option.

  3. 15 cents

    the noise pollution guesses are good guesses but incorrect. they’re there to record birds. theres a swallow new to the area that shouldnt be there, which happens from time to time, but they dont usually stay for as long as these fellows. we think there’s a mating call attracting them but cant quite figure it out so we’re recording over a period of specific times to get to the bottom of it.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    There’s a crow living in that white box and the black thing is his Saorview box.

    Crows love telly.

  5. Neilo

    They also adore Kia-Ora although it has been deemed too orangey for them by anti-corvid types.

  6. Andy

    I reckon it’s a transformer.

    Robots in disguise

    din an inananana nah nah nah Transformers!!!

  7. Joe Dolan

    You’re Paul Williams, and you still can’t figure out what a box on a pole is??? I’d say the criminils’ are tremblin’…

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