Over The Clerys Clock



Whimsical post-hipster fantasy or capitalist booze hub in the sky?

Hospitality Ireland reports:

Plans submitted by OCS Properties to Dublin City Council are proposing the addition of a new ‘rooftop destination’ to Clery’s department store, which will see it host a series of bars, restaurants and entertainment spaces, as well as the creation of a new boutique hotel on Earl Place.

This new rooftop destination will be available for day and night-time use according to the developers. Other changes will see the department stores facade adding a number of ‘Juliette’ balconies to sit about street level, the staircase being restored to its original condition and the renovation of its famous tea rooms.

The store will see its ground, lower ground and first floors used for retail and its upper office floors being available for letting.

It’s no KaDeWe, in fairness.

Hospitality Ireland (Plan For Clery’s To Become Rooftop Destination With Bars And Restaurants)

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53 thoughts on “Over The Clerys Clock

  1. Jimmee

    We’ve a choice of RTE Six One vox pops to choose from:

    1) O’Connell Street is a kip.

    2) The redevelopment of Clery’s in to a modern retail and hospitality hub is a disgrace.

  2. Tish Mahorey

    “a number of ‘Juliette’ balconies to sit about street level”

    The junkies will need to carry stepladders to harass the clientele.

  3. Diddy

    Street level seating on o Connell st would require barricades. See the oval pub for example

  4. Tish Mahorey

    Sounds like a welcome respite for the theatre going public running the Gauntlet from the Gate Theatre back to south side safety.

    1. Gah!

      Could they not just get a bus from Parnell Square? No need to mix with the riff raff at all!

    2. Vote Rep #1

      They should probably just move all wasted culture from the northside and leave it to the fast food places, sports bars and casinos that northsiders are only interested in.

    3. Elizabeth Mainwaring

      There’s a chappie at the Gate who will bring a taxicab for a small consideration if night is approaching.

  5. dav

    No Planning permission until the clery workers get what is owed to them from the pond scum that took the money and ran

    1. Maria

      Lets see whose side Dublin City Council are on now ! I hope that every I is dotted and every T crossed and that nothing is made easy for these parasites

  6. DubLoony

    Ordinarily, I’d welcome development on O’Connell st that brings it up a notch from fast foodland, but in the case of Clearys I only hope they have a torturous planning process followed by very long delays in any building work until the former workers get justice.

  7. Maria

    I hope that Karma hits that Deirdre what’s her face Foley really hard. The way she and her cohorts treated the Clerys workers was despicable. I’d love to really say what I feel but it would never be printed or that so called ‘legal’ firm would find some loophole to get me. What a banana republic we live in!

    1. Neilo

      Clerys was a poorly run business for decades. The finger can be pointed as squarely at the previous owners as it can at D2/Cheyne.

      *Psst , Dee, where’s me cheque?*

      1. Maria

        Neilo, that’s not the point. A business can be closed down without treating the workers with such disrespect. Common courtesy costs nothing. This shower of parasites divided the business, waited until monthly salaries were due and paid nothing, locked the workers out of the store without giving them any notice or any chance of getting their personal belongings (without a security guard at their side). Its was heart breaking to hear their stories. Absolutely no human respect given to them afterwards either. No matter how the business was doing, this was no way to treat the workers.

          1. Neilo

            @Maria: if the dark side is a land of smug, pun-loving gits that embody the Dear Bill letters from Private Eye then I’m afraid I may already reside there!

    2. dav

      similar such “professionals” sign off on the accounts for anglo or help vulture funds aquire millions in assets and then only pay €250 in taxes, they are pondscum

  8. Spud1

    Sure you’d be freezin your nads off sitting up there most days of the year if it goes ahead.
    It’s O’Connell Street in Dublin, not South of France!
    Needs more cover and more outdoor heaters!

    1. Maria

      I’m with you on that forfeckssake. However, some people just wont care and will do the opposite. Maybe we could picket that store when and if, it ever opens?

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Would you not then be possibly picketing innocent peoples businesses who had nothing to do with clearys and who are renting out space in the place and trying to make a living?

        1. Maria

          but if these businesses had any credibility they would not rent from these parasites in the first place!

          1. Vote Rep #1

            True, rather then take a different approach which would only effect the people who closed Clearys, your idea of forcing innocent people, who are just trying to make a living out of business is a far better option.

        2. DubLoony

          Well, if word got out that people would be not interested in doing business with them until Clearys workers got justice, perhaps they wouldn’t rent in the first place.

          Hoping that there is a really long & painful process here.

          1. Vote Rep #1

            Meanwhile, another building lies empty adding to the already fairly decrepit air of O’Connell St, especially on that side.

          2. Maria

            Definition of Parasite
            a. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

            b. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant

            The second one would apply to any business who rents a space in Clerys, IMO

          3. pedeyw

            Vote Rep #1, so just forget about the unpaid workers, who were also “innocent people, who (were) just trying to make a living”? It’s better to have a lovely building? I imagine what is owed is a tiny fraction of what it’ll cost to redevelop the building.

  9. ahjayzis

    Sounds fantastic.

    Such a shame I’d never darken the door of any business run by those wankerous filth.

  10. Andy

    Really like this proposal.

    Hope the Council doesn’t choose populism over actually doing something to revitalize a decrepit, embarrassing national street where 90% of the population wouldn’t dare to go after hours.

  11. petey

    “Whimsical post-hipster fantasy or capitalist booze hub in the sky?”

    what’s the difference now?

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