Come Home To A Real Turf Fire Candle


Wild Achill Island Candle



From top: Wild Achill Island candle; Turf Fire candle; The Bearded Candle Makers and friend

Allison from The Irish Workshop, online home of Irish made stuff, writes:

Who’s ready for their own island getaway for the low, low price of €16.50? The catch? You’ll have to take it in with your nose rather than your eyes.

Fill your home with the scent of patchouli, heather, and bluebells and transport yourself to Achill Island with this handmade candle from The Bearded Candle Makers.

Trust us, it’s so much simpler than a holiday. If you’d rather stay firmly on land and enjoy the charms of the countryside, they also make an authentic turf candle that’s hands down the best dirt you’ll ever smell!

Wild Achill Island Candle

Turf Fire Candle

The Bearded Candle Makers

The Irish Workshop

Irish made stuff to marked ‘Irish-made Stuff’. No fee.

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14 thoughts on “Come Home To A Real Turf Fire Candle

  1. Tish Mahorey

    So they’ll always have to wear beards now. And what if they want to sell the business. They’ll have to find two other bearded jumper wearing candle makers.

    Candle wearing beard makers.

  2. Harry Molloy

    bit pricey but great idea!

    only those who have had the pleasure of spending considerable time in the heather county will know the feeling those smells can evoke

  3. James Chimney

    Who’s ready for their own hip getaway for the low, low price of €6.50? The catch? You’ll have to take it in with your nose rather than your eyes. Here at Chimney Cottage, we’ve made the perfect gift for your friend with a fixie. It’s an authentic plastic Tesco bag filled with urine from Fallons, Anseo, & many other Dublin 8 favourites.

    Hide it behind your sofa, get your friends around and talk about your adventures in digital media, recreate almost any pub. Are you a smug arsehole that likes to sit at the bar with your arms folded, pontificating about some useless band no one cares about? We’ll you can now do it from the confines of your bedsit. Nights in are the new nights out.

  4. realPolithicks

    They’re from norn iron, that means that they’re stealing these odors from Ireland. Arrest them!

  5. Ferret McGruber

    Knew a German lad years ago. Very fond of Ireland, he was. After holidaying here he used to take home a sod of turf and burn it like incense to remind him of our glorious Isle.

    Anyone want to buy a few sods of overpriced turf? €16.50 a sod or €10,000.00 a ton.

  6. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Wouldn’t a promo pic of the bearded duo making the candles be more appropriate than stroking a dog?

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